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Rain and Flooding

What effects do floods have on buildings?


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January 23, 2011 3:05PM


The damage to buildings due to floods are as follows:

1) Houses are washed away due to the impact of the water

under high stream velocity. The houses are commonly

destroyed or dislocated so severely that their reconstruction

is not feasible.

2) Houses constructed out of light weight materials like wood

float when they are not anchored properly.

3) Damage caused by inundation of house. The house may

remain intact on its foundation, but damage to materials

may be severe. Repair is often feasible but may require

special procedures to dry out properly.

4) Undercutting of houses. The velocity of the water may scour and erode the foundation of the

house or the earth under the foundation. This may result in the collapse of the house or require

substantial repair.

5) Damage caused by debris. Massive floating objects like

trees, electric poles, etc. may damage the standing houses.