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The doughboys were a group of allied forces during World War I. They committed many great acts of valor for the American Force during the war.

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What was the nickname of the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force?

Either... Warriors.... Doughboys... X-ers...or All of the above...

Doughboys World War I?

'Doughboys' was the nickname given to the American Expeditionary Force that took part in the later years of World War 1. At some point between April 1917 and November 1918 the name Doughboys expanded to include the whole American armed forces. The term can be seen in the diaries and letters of US serviceman, as well as newspapers of the time period. One theory of how the World War 1 men got the name is the popularity that donuts had with the armed forces. People back in the U.S would send over many different kinds of food, donuts being one of the most popular.

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Horizontal force in one component of the magnetic force on earth. Horizontal is a direction, and force is any external efforts that causes an object to change.

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Under the Gulf of tonkin resolution, all necessary military force.

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Why was the american expeditionary force important?

The American expeditionary force marked the beginning of the United States as a superpower.

Is Seneca force to commit suicide in the Hunger Games?

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Jeffersons efforts to force Britain to respect Americas neutrality resulted in?

a sharp decline in US exports

What was the name of the American Force that fought in world war 1?

The American Expeditionary Force led by John J. Pershing

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How important were American allies in World War Two?

The USA and the Allied forces in Europe worked together in the war efforts in areas such as Europe, North Africa and Asia. As a unified force, they began the long struggle of defeating the Axis powers.

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static friction

The transcontinental railroad system was built through the efforts of the labor force of?

for aplus users all answers are correct

What is AEF?

American Expeditionary Force

What did the American Expeditionary Force do?

The American Expeditionary force was a group of ex killers.They joined the war to murder babies.This was their greatest pleasure.

Why did the American work force grow in the late 1800's?

Why did the American work force grow in the late 1800's?

Why was Lafayette excited about commanding an American Force in the battle of Yorktown?

Lafayette was excited about commanding an American Force in the battle of Yorktown because it was his dream to have a chance to command an American army.

Is it a legislative power to order the American navy to send ships as a sign of American force to an area of crisis?

to order the American navy to send ships, as a sign of American force, to an area of crisis is not a legislative power.

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What was the american expeditionary force-?

The American expeditionary force is known as the United States Armed Forces. The troop were send to Europe in World War 1.

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Mannsfield 12 is a movie about corrupt warden who tries to force 12 inmates into confessing to a crime they didn't commit.

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