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(H) Hydrogen

(O) Oxygen

(F) Fluorine

(Br) Bromine

(I) Iodine

(N) Nitrogen

(Cl) Chlorine

An easy way to remember is HOFBrINCl.

Hope this helped.

- xoxo.dreamer

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Is the element Ba an ionic bond?

It forms one, yes. The element in itself is not a bond.

What is The only element that can form chemical bond with itself?


Is hydrogen a chemical bond?

Hydrogen itself is a chemical element, not a bond. If you are asking about hydrogen bonds then the answer is no. Hydrogen bonding is an intermolecular force of attraction, not a chemical bond.

Why can a carbon atom bond with itself easily?

It has 4 valence electrons which can bond to itself in any of 3 ways: singly, doubly, or triply. Carbon is not the only element that is good at this: silicon and germanium can do the same.

What is the natural attraction element?

The natural attraction element is the attraction of negative ion to positive ions. Carbon for example is able to bond strong with Oxygen, Hydrogen, and itself.

What element will form a double bond with oxygen making a molecule with one atom of the element and one atom of oxygen?

Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen itself all have this property.

What is special about the element Carbon when it comes to bonding?

Carbon has a unique ability to form long chains of itself because the carbon-carbon bond is very strong and stable. This is due to catenation, meaning carbon has the ability to bond to itself primarily because of the bond energy between carbons.

When an electropositive element combines with electronegative element it forms which type of bond?

covalent bond

When a metal element is combined with another element what type of bond is created?

I believe this is a metalic bond

What type of bond has a combination of a group 2 element with a group 17 element?

Ionic bond.

Is oxygen a nonpolar bond?

Oxygen is an element, not a bond. It will form polar bonds with most other elements, though because it is very electronegative. However, when it bonds with itself as in O2 the bonds are nonpolar.

Which of these is an element of a bond Business?

An element of bond business is a face value similar to the principal amount of loan.

What is a diatomic gas?

A diatomic gas is when an element bonds with itself. Example: Hydrogen gas is a molecular bond between two hydrogens (H2)

How many single bonds are typically formed by the element O?

A double bond is forms by the element O.One is sigma bOnd and one is Pi bond.

What determines if a bond is polar?

All elements have a property called "electronegativity". In any molecular bond, electrons are shared. A very electronegative element will keep the shared electrons closer to itself causing itself to have a slightly negative charge. This is a polar bond. Put simply: polar bonds occur between atoms of differing electronegativities.

What type of element involved in bond?

what type of element are involved

What element do chemicals bond with during oxidation?

This element is oxygen.

Oxygen bonds to itself with what type of bond?

covalent bond

Is Na a Covalent or Ionic bond?

Sodium (Na) in itself is neither, since it is not a bond, just a lone element. However, in a solid/crystalline state, the Na atoms would form metal bonds with eachother.

What type of element will be present in each bond?

That question isn't possible to answer, please refine it. No element is present in every bond.

Which of these is an element of bond?

An element of bond signifies that a corporation is in debt to the investor.

What element can bond well with lithium?

It can bond well with Fluoride or Oxide.

Is nitrogen a covalent bond?

Nitrogen is not a bond; it is the single element Nitrogen.

What happens what a nonmetal and a metal element bond?

ionic bond is formed.

What is the Element of helium?

Helium by itself is an element.