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What element has 114 neutrons?

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Because this is an element and not an isotope, to find the number of neutrons, take the atomic mass and subtract the atomic number. Osmium has a mass of 190 and a number of 76. This equals 114.

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protons 114 electrons 114 number of neutrons: atomic mass of an isotope - atomic number of the element; Uuq has many isotopes, each with a different number of neutrons.

114-124 and 80 (That's what wikipedia is good for, dummy)

An average isotope of Osmium, when in its elemental form and not in an ion.

The element that has 16 neutrons is Phosphorus

the element that has 8 neutrons is Oxygen

The element Strontium has 52 neutrons.

There are 118 neutrons in the element gold.

Well no element has no protons and no neutrons, but hydrogen has no neutrons. At least one proton needs to be in the element at all times.

there are 61 neutrons in a the element silver

Gold has 118 neutrons It's element symbol is Au

Lead has 125 neutrons It's element symblo is Pb

The number of neutrons varies with the different isotopes of an element.

The element Boron usually has 10 neutrons in its natural state.

Osmium, if you take the Atomic mass (190.2) and subtract the Atomic number (76), you get the result of 114, this is the number of protons, not the protons and neutrons combined.

Tungsten is a metal element. The mass number of the five most stable isotopes is 183.84 (106, 108, 109, 110, and 114 neutrons)

A stable plantinum atom has 114, 116, 117, 118 or 120 neutrons.

Osmium contains 114 neutrons.

The number of neutrons in an element= mass number- atomic number

The element with 14 protons and 14 neutrons is silicon 28 .

The element Silver has 61 neutrons. Its symbol on the Periodic Table is 'Ag'.

* The element that has 8 neutrons and 8 protons is oxygen.

The element Fluorine has nine protons and ten neutrons.

The element that has 8 protons and 8 neutrons is oxygen.

The element comes with 30 neutrons is iron. It also has 26 protons.

ballzanium has 160 neutrons

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