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Or metal, or nonmetal.
Aluminium is ametal, chlorine is a nonmetal.


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The element Vanadium is a metal .

Water is neither a metal or a nonmetal as it is not an element.

Elemental nitrogen is a nonmetal.

No. Iron is a metal element.

Yes sulfur is an element and a nonmetal.

The element iron is a metal. It is in the d block.

Metal Yes it is a metallic element.

because it is not a metal

it is a transition metal

There is a color key telling you what each color is. Metal or nonmetal.

Neither. Bauxite isn't an element so the terms metal and nonmetal don't apply to it.

Titanium (Ti) is a metal. It is a d-block element / transition metal element.

Element 66 (Dysprosium) is NOT a non-metal it is a rare earth metal, it is a solid

Element is a nonmetal and a liquid at room temperature

No, a metalliod is an element that is neither a metal nor a nonmetal but has properties of both.

Zirconium is a transitiom metal element. Hence it is a metal.

The element 119 will be very probable an alkali metal.

No, helium is not both a metal and a nonmetal. The element helium (He), along with its cousins in Group 18 of the periodic table of the elements, is a monatomic nonmetal.

Henon is a noble gas, a nonmetal.

elements that is soft and easy to cut cleanly with a knife likely to be metal or a nonmetal

Metal and nonmetal be simultaneously is not possible.

Magnesium oxide is an ionic compound. Magnesium is an element - a metal Oxygen is an element - a nonmetal

Germanium is neither. It is a metalliod, because it has some properties of a metal and some properties of a nonmetal. However, the substance of germanium is a metal.

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