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What is a common hard mineral used in ceramics and glass that contain the element k?


What are three things made of cobalt?

cobalt is used to impart blue colour on glass, ceramics and glazes.

What is name of the Mineral used in glass and ceramics?


What is the name of the Mineral used in glass and ceramics a feldspar?

microcline is the answer

What is the atomic number of the cobalt element that is used in making blue cobalt glass?

Cobalt has as atomic number 27 and as symbol Co. The cobalt element is indeed used in making blue cobalt glass, among many other byproducts and applications.

What element is used to make pink glass?

The element that is used to make pink glass is selenium. This element is also used to make glass that is red in coloring.

What are three facts about manganese?

It is used to make metal, batteries, ceramics, and glass!

When was uranium first used?

Uranium minerals were used from the antiquity as coloring agents for glass and ceramics.

What are the uses for cobalt?

High strength magnets are one of the key uses of cobalt. Its salts are used as the main drier in alkyd paints and varnishes and inks. It also enables a deep blue color to be imparted to glass and ceramics. It is also used as an alloying element in certain metals including steels.

Element used for cement and glass?

The key element in cement and glass is silicon.

What mineral is used in the manufacture of computer chips glass ceramics abrasives and sweeteners?


What is used in the manufacture of computer chips glass ceramics abrasives and sweetners?

Most likely, you mean silicon. It is certainly used in computer chips, glass, and abrasives.

What are the materials used in Romania to make houses?

bricks, concrete, wood, metals, glass, ceramics

Why is a blue glass used in a stained glass window blue?

The blue glass absorbs all colors of light EXCEPT Blue, which passes through and to your eyes.

List of materials used for interior design?

The materials are wood, glass, metals, ceramics, plastics, and fabrics

What was feldspar used for?

Potassium feldspar and plagioclase feldspar are used for ceramics, glass, enamel, soap, false teeth, and scouring powders.

Uses of feldspar?

Feldspar is commonly used in the glass industry and ceramics. Also, it is being used as materials for making dinnerware and tiles.

What element can be used to tint glass?


What are type of insulators used in electrical power system?

Glass, porcelain, rubber, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc.

What element is used to make strong glass other than sodium?


What was boron used for in the past?

Boron has been, and still is, used in bleaches, fiberglass, structural and refractory materials, glass and ceramics, and organic reagents.

Is NA2o polar?

Sodium oxide, with the chemical formula of Na2O is a compound used in glass and ceramics. It is a non-polar molecule.

What was uranium used for before the atom bomb?

Colouring glass and ceramics, also for furnitures, mordant for textiles, photographic reagent

What is the formula for sodium and oxygen from a stable ionic compound?

Na2O, Sodium Oxide, is a stable compound used in glass and ceramics.

What element is used in pyrex glass?

Silicon Dioxide