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The element of production.

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What is scenery used for in drama?


What does a set design in drama mean?

the design of piece of scenery?

What a scenery of a play called in drama?

I believe it is called the backdrop.

What is the technical elements of drama?

*are The technical elements of Drama include the Scenery, or set, the Costumes, the Props, the Lights, the Sound Effects and the Makeup.

Which of these is the best definition of operaA sorrowful song that laments the death of an individualA drama that is set to musicMusic presented in a concert format without the use of costumes or scenery?

A drama that is set to music

Why are the elements significant in the development of drama?

because if there is no element in drama, it is useless to read

Which sentence most accurately describes a feature of Elizabethan drama?

All actors were male. Members of all social classes saw plays. … the scenery and setting were minimal.

Which element in a drama is most important?

It depends on what you're learning style is But i would say it's trying to keep SERIOUS - this includes no laughing!!!

Five elements of drama?

characters, audience, theme, dialogue and plot

What are the element of Afro-Asian Drama?


Who introduced macabre element in drama?

John Lyly

Which element of drama is highlighted in the stage direction?


What is the counter of mass noun of scenery?

Example counter nouns for 'scenery' are: views of scenery pictures of scenery (photos or paintings) flats of scenery (theatrical)

Is scenery an adverb?

Scenery is not an adverb, no.The word scenery is actually a noun.

Which element of drama is also found in nondramatic literature?

set designs

What is the scenery of a play called?

a scenery

What are the best scenery in Idaho?

the scenery

What actors and actresses appeared in Drama - 2009?

The cast of Drama - 2009 includes: Gianna Redeemer as Bully Ann Woodard as Drama

What is drama and elements of a drama and terms of drama?

drama is an act. the element of drama is paper or script, actor or player and stageDrama is the script of a work intended to be performed such as a play, a film, or a video. It is acted out rather than narrated. The Elements of Drama, according to Aristotle's Poetics, are Plot, Character, Thought, Diction, Song, and Spectacle. There are enough terms of drama to fill a gazetteer.

Who invented scenery?

Nobody is responsible for the invention of scenery. Scenery is the view that is seen from different angles by a person.

Is scenery an abstract noun?

The noun scenery is a concrete noun for specific scenery, the immediate physical surroundings or the set on a stage. The noun scenery is an abstract noun when used in general, for example: I need a vacation from the dreary scenery of the city. The scenery of the countryside would be so soothing.

How do use scenery in a sentence?

Look at the marvelous scenery.

What is the plural form of scenery?

The word scenery does not have a plural.

What is the most important element of drama?

Conflict is what I was taught but you might have been taught differently

What does quality mean in drama terms?

Quality is an extremely subjective term when applied to art. Quality in drama, though is usually is decided by the audience. It's the standard though that will apply to the quality. If the acting, scenery, and etiquette are good during the performance then you have high to outstanding quality.

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