What elemental cave do you get dragon coins?


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sorry but you have to buy dragon coins in dragon fable store

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Ice Dragon. Part of the Elemental Trio. Can be used in the trio to summon a Guardian of Nature with minimal success.

it is just outside the earth elemental cave the eart elemental cave is somewhere near Warlic's Zone

The first one is in the linkin mill The second is in the Earth elemental cave

there are in the elemental cave last time i got 30000 coins that's the best one You can also send one text on your phone saying Big 697978 Then send this message to 84212 Hopefully the text is free due to a special offer and once they receive your text u get an alright amount of 10,000 dragon coins Hope it helps! Shredder150_AE:Major Warning Do not ever do that IT IS A SCAM, IGOT A LEVEL 60 account and it is not hacked.

go to Robina's zone in falcon reach and keep going to the right it is the along with some others as well

buy dragon coins or get amulet so u get free 2200 dragon coins

If you have a dragon amulet you can also get more dragon coins

No you can buy coins or you can buy a upgrade card for 5,000 dragon coins

how to get dragon coins in dragonfable free

Go to Warlic and do one of his elemental random quests. When you finish one, you get one elemental essence.

Well, actually you just buy a fire dragon in the market for 500 coins which is pretty cheap. If you want to raise an Ice dragon by breeding you need a water dragon and a cold dragon. Cold dragons and Water dragons are elemental( /base) dragons so you have to either buy them or breed them using 2 existing same dragons. Btw, if you buy it Cold dragons are 30,000 coins and water dragons are 500,000 coins. Hope that help.

You can name a dragon on dragon cave before or after you find out what gender it is; it doesn't really matter when.

You put a plasma dragon and a salamander dragon in the breeding cave.

it is all the way to the right from Robina

Many peopl use hatcheries on dragon cave. Try searching for 'Dragon Cave Hatcheries' You can also find a list of sites on the Dragon Cave Wiki, or you can put it in your forum signature :)

In the logical thinking, gold cannot be transfered to the dragon coins, so do the dragon coins, so finally, it can't be compared together.

You have to do a specific quest before the Cyan dragon appears in its cave.

TJ is the creator of Dragon Cave, and his username on the forums would be TJ09

Visit Robina and keep going to the right. Either that or visit Warlic and go as far right as you can, then go down and there is a portal. Go through it. Screen right.

you pay for it with dragon coins.

That's impossible. You either have to buy a dragon amulet or cheat. They don't give away dragon coins for free!

Have to buy it i think for 400 dragon coins.... i think. The armor closet costs 1000 dragon coins

Look around the edge of the island. You will see this hill with a cave. Go in the cave and go to the dragon eggs. You are finally a dragon!

1.go to worlic 2.go right from worlic 3.go up and keep fallowing the trail and go in the cave 4.battle all the monsters 5.beat the boss 6.complete the quest

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