What elements are present in rust?


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Rust is Iron oxide. It contains Iron and Oxygen.

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Two elements that react to form rust are iron and oxygen.

Iron and oxygen are the two elements that make up rust.

There are a couple of elements that combine to make rust, or iron oxide. These two elements are oxygen and iron.

when certain elements (such as steel) are exposed to oxygen, they react, and rust is formed. However this reaction is very slow

The present tense is:I/You/We/They rust.He/She/It rusts.The present participle is rusting.The past tense is rusted.The past participle is rusted.

A compound is 2 or more elements permanently combined. Rust is a combination of iron and oxygen, both elements- into iron oxide, a compound.

the two elements are oxygen and iron

Fe2O3 is the answer you look for. In other words Iron + Oxygen = Rust

Other metals can oxidize, but normally rust specifically means iron oxide.

all rims rust if they are exposed to harsh elements long enough..

If untreated and left exposed to the elements metal furniture will rust.

Yes an no. There has to be humidity in the air. So yes in the form of vapors.Iron can rust whenever oxygen is present.

Pretty much the same elements as are present in you.

Rust is iron oxide made of iron and oxygen.

Rust is a chemical compound, essentially an iron oxide.

All rust is is Oxidation. When Oxygen is added to something it's Oxidation... Phosphates can prevent rust.

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Most nails are made of steel. We know that steel is an alloy of iron and a bit of carbon (along with a bit of some other metals). Nails are often coated by the makers to inhibit rust, but when the coating fails, the steel is exposed to the elements or environment. Moisture and oxygen, which are present in air, attack exposed steel and form rust, and that's why a nail can rust.

In order for metal to rust, both oxygen and water must be present. :)

Yes, alloys do rust faster than pure elements. That is so because alloys are made of more than one metal, and pure elements are, well PURE

no, these are all compounds. i dont know what rust is, but water is H2O and salt is NaCl

Yes, bikes will rust if left out in the rain for long periods of time without protection from the elements.

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