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Metals, non metals, transition elements belong to main periodic table. They are arranged according to atomic number.


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Silver belongs to group 11 in the periodic table of the elements.

the representative elements belong to the main group in the periodic table - rosellnica balasoto

There are 8 elements in the third period of periodic table. The elements belong to group-1,2,13,14,15,16,17 and 18

A majority of the elements are "Transition Metals"

Groups are diffrent sections of the periodic table in which elements with similar properties belong to.

Sulfur is a nonmetal in Group 16 on the periodic table.

A group is a column in the periodic table of elements.

Halogens are elements belong to group 17.

Oxygen is the first element in group 16 of the periodic table

A group of elements on the periodic table is a vertical column.

Elements in group no.(verticle) 1&2

Search this element in the periodic table of Mendeleev.

yes elements in group 1 are on the periodic table

Xenon belongs to Group 0 - Inert Gases on the Periodic Table. These are highly unreactive elements and are situated on the right hand side of the Periodic Table.

There is a group of elements in the periodic table as the elements with same properties are clubbed together.

Elements in group 18 of the periodic table are noble gases.

Group 2A is alkaline earth metals. They belong to group-2.

Group 3, period 4 in the Mendeleev periodic table of the elements.

Noble elements are least reactive. They belong to group-18.

a column of elements in the periodic table is called a group or

The name given to group 7 elements in the Periodic table are halogens.

All chemical elements are placed in the periodic table.

Elements in same group have similar properties. They belong to same family.

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