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Boron burns green and because of this is often used in pyrotechnics (Fireworks). I do not know of any others though.

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Q: What elements burn green?
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What colour does bronze burn?

Bronze is not a single element but a mixture of copper, tin and other elements. Copper burns with a green flame.

What color do you get when you burn brass?


Why are fireworks green?

Barium compounds burn green.

How do you make a candle burn green?

if you burn copper sulphite

Does green tea burn fat?

Green tea does not burn fat, only physical exertion burns fat.

Why does Boric acid burn green?

It doesn't burn green it burns yellow. you only get green when you mix it with a substance that burns blue so the two colors can mix to make green

What is a metal that produces a green flame?

Copper will burn with a green flame.

What is the substance formed when elements burn in oxygen?

Those would be the "oxides" of the elements burned.

Has different properties than the elements that make it up?

Water. You can burn oxygen and you can burn hydrogen but you can't burn water.

What elements to you get when you burn hydrogen with oxygen?

Hydrogen and oxygen are already elements. You don't get elements as a product. You get water, which is a compound.

When is green wood safe to burn?

When the green can be felt such as mold although when it is imbedding in the wood that is arsenic and when you burn it the arsenic is transfered into the air.

What element do other elements need to burn?


What are the elements form when we burn fuel?

Carbon dioxide

What elements on the periodic table cant burn?

Actually anything can burn if it reaches a certain temperature.

What colour of flame does potassium burn with?


Why is there green flame when you burn magazines?


What color does zinc chloride burn?


What colour flame do you get when you burn Copper?


What are the green elements on the periodic table called?

The elements in the center section are called transition elements.

Why do elements burn different colors?

there are different ions and things in it

Why does boric acid and methanol burn green?

The green color is due to the presence of boron.

What color flame do you get when you burn zinc oxide?


What color does calcium burn in a flame test?


What color flame do you get when you burn lead?

A pale green

What color flame do you get when you burn zinc?


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