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When all clues lead to the same conclusion, a theory is born into fact.

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Q: What elements have led scientists to believe that a meteor caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
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What do many scientists believe contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs?

asteroid impact

Does an asteroid contribute to extinction?

I believe it does. Scientists think that an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs.

How do scientists tie biblical creation in with the extinction of the dinosaurs?

Most scientists do not believe in Biblical Creation, so there is no reason to tie it with the extinction of dinosaurs. However, Creationists often say that humans originally co-existed alongside dinosaurs until the Great Flood, when dinosaurs all drowned.

What do most scientists think caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs at the end of the cretaceous period?

They believe a meteor killed them.

What do scientists believe dinosaurs evolved from?

They believe that they formed from Reptiles

What do some scientists believe that descendents of dinosaurs are?

Birds, which are not just considered descendants of dinosaurs; they are dinosaurs.

Why do some scientists believe that dinosaurs were warm blooded?

Some scientists believe that dinosaurs were warm blooded because their bone structure was similar to that of modern mammals.

Why did the archelon go extinct?

The Archelon became extinct at the end of the Triassic period, at the same time as the dinosaurs. Because of this, scientists believe the k-2 extinction is to blame. The k-2 extinction is the giant meteor that impacted Earth.

Are chickens dinosaurs?

Chickens are birds, which scientists believe descended from the dinosaurs. So, in a way, yes, chickens are dinosaurs.

How do scientists believe that a great flood killed the dinosaurs?

Scientists do not believe that the extinction of the dinosaurs was the result of a great flood. There are still a number of competing theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs although it is clear that there was a large meteor impact in the Yucatan region, which played a role. It may also be that rising carbon dioxide levels and ocean acidity played a role as well. It may be that there were a number of contributing factors, rather than just one single cause. But scientists do not think that flooding was involved. Note that some dinosaurs were aquatic, and would not have been killed by flooding since they already lived in the water.

Is the extincion of dinos are real?

The scientists believe that dinosaurs were extinct.

How many years were dinsoaurs on earth?

Scientists believe dinosaurs roamed the earth for roughly 180 million years, longer than any other creature on earth. The few dinosaurs that survived the mass extinction lived into the Jurassic period.

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