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Salt (Sodium Chloride)

What elemets make salt?

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The chemical symbol of salt (sodium chloride) is NaCl: two elements in the composition - Na and Cl.

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What are the Practical applications for saltpeter?

plant fertilizer. if two elemets are added you can make gun powder.

What is a compoud?

chemically combined elemets

How do you make salt water denser?

you make salt water denser by adding more salt to the water

How can you make salt water denser?

you make salt water denser by putting more water or taking the salt off the salt water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What must salt do to make a good conductor?

Salt must be mixed with water to make salt a good conductor.

How do you make salt in a baggie?

One cannot "make" salt at all. It is a mineral.

What are the elemets of gold?

Gold is an element so it only contains the element, gold.

Why doesn't salt make you sneeze?

Salt doesn't make you sneeze because, well basicly its salt. but pepper does make you sneeze. hope this helps:)

Why is salt mined?

To obtain salt rock, from then you can make into table salt, or other salt products.

What is the difference between block salt and granulated salt?

Block salt - Salt compacted together to make one big block. Granulated salt - Salt which has been crumbled up to make small granules.

What they do to make salt?

Salt (NaCl) is extracted from salt mines or sea waters.

What can make a salt dissolve quicker?

To make salt dissolve quicker: * Heat it * Stir it

Can you make salt water stack on a tube?

Can you make salt water stack on a tube?

Does salt and water combine to make a compound?

Salt and water combine to make a solution .

Does salt make you shorter?

salt gives you diabetes

How do you make salt cubes?

You get salt and put it in a cube

Can you make salt out of grass?

No, salt is made from acids.

How do you make pickle salt?

Easy, a pickle and salt...

What elemets are in fertilizer?

Primarily nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. There also might be hydrogen and oxygen.

In the periodic table the elemets are arranged by?

In the periodic table, the elements are arranged by atomic number

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