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Q: What else are chopsticks used for?
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How are chopsticks used in Japan?

chopsticks are used to eat food

Where are chopsticks used?

Chopsticks are usually used in China or Chinese restauraunts.

What is a collective noun for chopsticks?

There is no specific collective noun for chopsticks, in which case a general collective noun is used. Examples are a set of chopsticks, a box of chopsticks, a supply of chopsticks, etc.

How many chopsticks are used in china each year?

45 million chopsticks

What are chopsticks used for?

Chopsticks are used by orientals to eat their food, the same way occidentals use knives and forks.

How old are chopsticks?

chopsticks have been used by the Chinese since before 1600 BC

Why did they use chopsticks?

People used chopsticks because they were easy and cheap to produce and buy.

Is all Japanese food eaten with chopsticks?

Though chopsticks are widely used in Japan, and all native Japanese food can be eaten chopsticks, it is not the case that all food in Japan is eaten with chopsticks. Forks and knives are often used in restaurants serving Western food.

When was chopsticks invented?

The exact date is unknown, but chopsticks has been used over 5,000yaers ago.

How did ancient Chinese make chopsticks?

They didn't have forks so they just used sticks that then evolved into chopsticks!

How often are chopsticks used as a weapon?

Chopsticks are vital in fighting and conquering Asian foods. This generally falls under the generalities of noodles, meats, and poultry. Chopsticks are not good weapons, nor should be used as weapons, other than of conquering your hunger.

What is chopsticks used for?

chop sticks is used for fingering yourself

Why do the Japanese Use Chopsticks?

The Japanese, like many other Asian countries, use chopsticks because their ancestors used them.

When were Chopsticks invented?

Chopsticks were advocated by Confucius in 551-479 B.C. They were invented before the spoon and fork were used at the table.

How do Chinese people eat?

Chopsticks, spoon, fork. The most used is the chopsticks. Chinese people do not eat the knife generally

Who invented chopsticks?

It is not known who invented them because they have had many forms over the years. Chopsticks have been used in China as early as the Shang dynasty (16th-11th Century BC), but they were used mostly for cooking. Chopsticks were used for cooking during the Han dynasty. However, during the Ming dynasty they were used in normal use.

Are chopsticks still used today?

of course

What is used to eat Chinese food?


How are hands or utensils used during eating in China?

In China, utensils like chopsticks are used to eat foods that include rice. The bowl of rice is raised to the lips with one hand while the other holds the chopsticks. The rice is moved to the mouth using the chopsticks.

Can you recycle chopsticks?

Some chopsticks are made of ivory, porcelain and other reusable materials. these can be washed and reused. Chopsticks made of wood cannot usually be reused as chopsticks, but they can be recycled as sources of wood fiber for paper making, or used as fuel in power or heat generation from waste.

Does Thailand use chopsticks?

Thailand uses, most commonly, a spoon and a fork to eat food with. However, if the food is from another Asian cuisine, which is normally eaten with chopsticks, chopsticks may be used. So overall, no.

What is the English word for chopsticks?

The English word for chopsticks is chopsticks.

Why do Japanese eat with chopsticks?

Because their ancestors used them.

How long are chopsticks?

Chopsticks vary in length from a few inches for the smaller individual use ones to the ones used in cooking that can be a foot and a half in length.

When did chopsticks come to Japan?

chopsticks came from china and moved into japan. people invented chopsticks because many were poor so it was easier to buy then fine china silver wear. But before it was used to eat with japenesse women used it to decerat their hair and keep it up with since their was no hair ties