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It probably is the dimmer switch. Dimmer Switch has been replaced already....same effect. The ground wire for the low beams is probably corroded--it happened to me twice! Remove the cowl covering the headlights by removing the plastic rivet tabs--use needle-nose pliers and pull stragght up on the small inner discs. With the cowl removed, you'll see the headlight wires runing in front of the radiator between the headlights. They may be secured to a body arm by a zip strip or two. Cut the strips and pull the wire assembly up so you can get a good look at it. All the wires will be wrapped in electrical tape. Before peeling the tape, look for evidence of corrosion, like a small patch of grainy greenish-blue stuff. If you find it, you've found the corroded part. Peel the electrical tape off, cut out the corroded section, bridge the gap with a new piece of wire and, optimally, solder it together and use shrink sleeves to cover the connections. Remember to slide the shrink sleeves on before you solder the second connection. Re-wrap with electrical tape, and re-secure to the body arms with zip strips.

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Q: What else can you check on a 1996 Cavalier if you have replaced bulbs fuses and switch but still do not have any low beam headlights?
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Halo headlights can you replace the bulbs?

It is true to say that Halo headlights bulbs can be replaced.

Can you use headlights from a Chevy cavalier 1999 in a 2001 cavalier car?

No...the 99 has 2 bulbs and the 01 has 1 bulb

Why do my headlights blink off and on when your light switch is on?

loose bulbs

Headlights will not work on my 1996 Jeep?

Bulbs? Fuses? Relay? Dimmer switch? Headlight switch?

What is causing the headlights to not turn on checked bulbs and fuses?

faulty switch

Why does the third brake light work but the side brake lights don't in a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

Check the bulbs first. I had the same problem on a 94 Oldsmobile and it was the dimmer switch. Replaced that and fixed the problem Check the bulbs first. I had the same problem on a 94 Oldsmobile and it was the dimmer switch. Replaced that and fixed the problem

Why don't my headlights work on my 1998 Chevy pickup.taillights do i replaced the switchstill don't work.?

Make sure the bulbs are there and in good condition. If the tailingts work it would not have been the switch. There is an issue with the wiring between the switch and the lights. Check the grounds for the lights and check the wiring between the switch and the bulbs.

I have a 2003 Pontiac sunfire my headlights stoped working i replaced the bulbs and still nothing what could be making them not work?

Bad switch? Bad relay/ Breaker tripped?

What can it be if the reverse lights on a 2005 chevy cavalier 5 spd dont work bulbs already been replaced and fuses are good?

Defective reverse light switch.

You replaced the lightswitch on your 1988 ranger but the headlights still wont work could your problem be the dimmer switch?

Yes, the dimmer switch could be at fault but, be sure the bulbs are okay before you spend anymore money.

1996 sable my headlights are out i have replaced the fuse and the light bulbs what can i do to fix my headlights?

May be the switch There should be a button on the side of the switch (behind the dashboard) Push this button and knob/rod assembly should come out allowing you to remove bezel and switch Also replace connector when replacing switch--they have a tendency to overheat and not make good contact

1992 Chevy cavalier--both turn signals do not work--bulbs ok replaced signal switch and fuses are ok help?

Probably turn signal flasher is bad

Where should I go to have my old headlights replaced with blue headlights?

If you buy blue xenon bulbs they are easily fittable to headlights on most car designs. Any mechanic should be able to do it or you can also do it yourself. If you take it to a mechanic bring the bulbs with you.

92 town car parking lamps work but no headlights replaced headlight switch need help?

Check bulbs Check Fuses in Main junction box under hood

Reverse lights not working on 2002 Cavalier Fuses and bulbs are good?

The 2002 Cavalier has a reverse light switch. The switch can be bad, or have a loose connection causing the lights not to work.

94 AEROSTAR no headlights I replaced the headlight switch no help checked the bulbs checked good checked the fusible link on the stater relay but there was no fuse in the harness now where do i go?

I would go to the high beam switch next (test not replace)

What could be wrong when the headlights don't work on high or low beam but the fuses and bulbs are good?

The switch.

What will cause your running lights on a 98 gmc sierra to work but your dim headlights not work?

If by "dim headlights" you mean low-beams... the bulbs are bad and must be replaced.

Is there a relay switch for headlights on a 95 Pathfinder LE have high beams but no low?

Get a new headlight switch even check your bulbs might help

Why would the parking and signal lights go on and the headlights does not on a Chevy S10 truck?

The headlights are a separate circuit from the others. Check the bulbs, headlight switch, Hi/Low beam switch and depending what year you have check the fuses.

Why do my headlights cut off after switching my high beam's on?

could be that the second set of bulbs are gone or a fuse on the switch.

When I turn on my Headlights my brake lights stay on. I have replaced the brake light switch and checked all fuses What else can you check 97 Corolla?

i would heck that you have the correct double element bulbs in your tail light assembly

With headlights on no taillights are on checked bulbs are good on 79 Regal what causes this?

either a blown fuse or bad headlight switch

Why do your headlights only work when you hold the hi-beam switch?

It's because you need to change the light bulbs on your car.

Your low beams on both of your headlights are suddenly not working on your 2003 Chevy Venture Why?

Possibly the multifunction switch (switch in columm). Check the bulbs, fuses etc first