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overheating is #1 answer for blown head gaskets!

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Q: What else could cause head gasket to fail in 1996 Saturn SL2 other than history of low coolant?
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What is the cause of my 2003 Saturn L200 using a lot of coolant?

It's either a leak or a head gasket.

What will cause coolant to get in oil head gasket or intake gasket?

The Intake gasket is leaking, NOT THE HEAD GASKET. Replace the intake gasket

Why is coolant in the crankcase of your 1999 Saturn SC2?

Bad head gasket or cracked head. If you continue to drive it you will cause serious damage to internal engine parts.

What would cause coolant to get in 1 cylinder?

a leak in a head gasket could cause coolant to go into only one cylinder.

Could a blown valve cover gasket cause oil to mix with coolant?

No, only a blown head gasket or cracked head will cause coolant to mix with the oil. A leaking valve cover gasket will only cause oil to leak onto the engine block externally.

Can a leaking intake gasket cause coolant to flow into the exhaust system?


Will a blown head gasket cause coolant to leakn into engine?


Can a loose coolant cap cause a blown head gasket?


What is cause of water in the oil?

intake manifold gasket if it is coolant in the oil

What would cause water to leak out of a 1996 Saturn?

I think you may be referring to coolant leaking from engine? engine coolant or water can leak from any coolant hose or heater hose, waterpump, thermostat housing etc, wurse case the head gasket is leaking coolant externally, need a pro to check it out

What would cause Oil to get in coolant but no coolant in oil in 2002 Pontiac grand am gt?

blown head gasket

How could a head gasket be ruined other than over heating If the car already had leaking coolant for a long time would that have caused it?

gasket wears out in time. leaking coolant is the result of a bad gasket not the cause of it.

How does blown head gasket happen?

The most common cause of a blown head gasket is an over heating engine. Low coolant or coolant not circulating through the engine causes the engine to heat up and the gasket to fail.

Have a 1988 Chevy impala with a 305 burning coolant what could be the cause?

a bad head gasket or intake manifold gasket.

What cause coolant to leak inside combustion chamber?

Blown head gasket

Will blown head gasket cause car to not start?

It can if the cylinder fills with coolant.

Can the wrong coolant type be a cause of a blown head gasket?

Yes. Thats why every vehicle is designed to use such coolant

What happens if you have a faulty head gasket?

A faulty head gasket will cause power loss, coolant to mix with oil, and is a costly repair. Excessive heat is the primary cause for their failure.

What would cause Oil in coolant reservoir?

Head gasket failing The most common cause is a blown head gasket. Stop driving the car as severe engine damage will occur.

What can cause the Coolant mix with the oil in a Toyota 22re engine?

head gasket is leaking into oil

Will a blown head gasket cause your car not to turn on?

Yes if a cylinder has filled with coolant otherwise, no.

Will a bad timing gasket on a 1996 Camaro cause a coolant leak?

It must. I am having my '94 Camaro's timing gasket changed for just that reason.

What would cause all of your coolant in your 2001 jaguar xj8 to leak out?

head gasket lets compession push coolant ont into over flow

What can cause a 1994 diesel 7.3 engine to blow white smoke?

Blown head gasket will do it check your coolant for oil in it and your engine oil for coolant it it...

Will a blown head gasket cause the coolant to leak into the engine?

In most cases yes it will. The coolant will mix with the oil and this will immediately cause damage to engine bearings and rings. STOP driving any car with a blown head gasket. You must have this repaired immediately or you will destroy the engine.