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From personal experience and from advice from a professional emergency medicine physician, the caffeine in coffee helps with headaches.

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Q: What else does coffee help with or prevent other than liver cancer asthma exercise and depression?
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Can exercise prevent cancer?

yes, exercising helps prevent cancer, but to a minimum. lots of cardio exercise is very good to help stop cancer from occurring

What can cause disorders of the lunus like cancer or asthma?

Things that can cause disorders of the lunas like cancer or asthma are allergies to dust,mold,or pollen. Avoiding these things can help prevent asthma attacks. Doctors can prescribe medication to help prevent asthma attacks. With good medical care,a person with asthma can lead a normal life.

What health problems are related to lack of exercise?

Take your pick! Diabetes, Heart disease, some forms of cancer, obesity, muscle and bone degeneration, asthma, even depression plus many many more.

What degenerative conditions are directly related to a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of proper exercise?

Diabetes, Heart disease, some forms of cancer, obesity, muscle and bone degeneration, asthma, even depression plus many many more.

What 2 health habits can help prevent cancer?

There are many habits that can help prevent cancer. The most important ones are not smoking and getting plenty of exercise.

Can you get cancer from smoking with asthma?

Just by smoking you can get cancer. Asthma just makes it worse faster.

What is the difference between asthma and lung cancer?

Asthma is swelling of the bronchi, but lung cancer is uncontrollable cell growth on the lung . Asthma is symptom but lung cancer is disease

Can colorectal cancer be prevented?

Proper diet and exercise have been shown to help prevent many types of cancers, including colorectal cancer.

What are heart disease cancer and asthma examples of?

Heart disease, cancer and asthma are all examples of things that can kill you. All of these three things can be treated.

The Benefits of Fitness on Cancer Survivors?

The National Cancer Institute of the United States government has done a great deal of research into the benefits of exercise for cancer survivors. In controlled studies, those who exercise a moderate amount each week have lower rates of cancer recurrence than those who do not exercise. This is due to the physical and psychological benefits of fitness. Fitness decreases the compounded risk of chronic diseases as well as depression and anxiety.

Can cabbage prevent cancer?

no cabbage cant prevent cancer.

What are the effects of no exercise on the body?

Lack of exercise can contribute to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline and dementia, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, and immune function.

Are there ways to prevent uterine cancer?

the ways to prevent uterus cancer

Does female circumcision prevent cancer?

No, female circumcision does not prevent cancer.

What is Robert bunsens disabillity?

asthma and skin cancer

What is Prevent Cancer Foundation's population?

The population of Prevent Cancer Foundation is 29.

What is the attraction to marijuana?

It's medical and psychological benefits like treating cancer, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, PTSD, pain, glaucoma, insomnia, bipolar, drug addiction, asthma and much more.

How do you prevent thyroid cancer?

A good diet, plenty of exercise, alcohol in moderation, and no tobacco or drug use is a good foundation to remain healthy.

How do you use Chronic Illness in a sentence?

A common chronic illness is asthma and cancer.

What illness or disease can your respiratory get?

Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cancer

The three non - communicable disease?

diabetes, cancer, asthma

How to prevent cancer?

There is no known prevention for cancer.

Does liver cancer cause depression?

People with cancer usually get depressed.

Does ejeculation prevent prostate cancer?

It is believed that regular ejaculation does help to prevent prostate cancer.

How is qigong used in China?

in conjunction with other medical therapies for many chronic conditions, including asthma, allergies, AIDS, cancer , headaches, hypertension, depression , mental illness, strokes, heart disease , and obesity .