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Answering "What emissions control device on a car lowers carbon monoxide content?"

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Q: What emissions control device on a car lowers carbon monoxide content?
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Vehicle emissions devices incorporate a chemical reaction to help control carbon monoxide pollution What effect does adding a catalyst have for this reaction?

It produces more carbon monoxide.

What are emissions in cars?

mostly carbon monoxide, some carbon dioxide, and some water vapor

Are carbon emissions released to the air when driving a car?

Yes, in the form of CO2 (carbon dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide) and other carbon emissions, including more or less pure carbon.

What are car emissions?

Carbon Monoxide is the most common gas emitted from a car.

Who is fault is acid rain?

Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and fuel emissions.

What filter should you use to reduce carbon monoxide emissions?

carbon monoxide is a rich indicator, if you are producing too much, you have a fuel system problem.

What devices are used in cars and trucks to reduce carbon monoxide emissions?

Catalytic converters.

How do you control the level of carbon monoxide in your apartment?

Make frequent ventilation, use appropriate heating systems, mount a carbon monoxide detector.

What four emissions do biodiesel- diesel- gasoline- and petrol-fueled cars generate?

The main tail pipe emissions are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, nitrous oxide, and unburnt hydro carbons.

What emissions gases is converter with in the catalytic converter?

HC hydrocarbons CO carbon monoxide NOx oxides of nitrogen

What exhaust emissions do catalytic converters reduce?

Hydro carbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. HC, NOx, and CO

What pollutants are parts of auto emissions?

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, tar, and many other pollutants.

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