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The energy released by a fission or fusion reaction?

nuclear energy

What is energy released from a fission or fusion reaction?

That is called "nuclear energy".

Is nuclear energy a fission or fusion reaction?

Nuclear energy is either:fission reaction, orfusion reaction, orradioactive decay

What kind of energy is given off from a nuclear fission reaction?

Binding energy (Strong Atomic Force) is released in a nuclear fusion or a nuclear fission reaction.

Is energy released during fission but absorbed during fusion?

Energy is released during fusion and fission.

Define Nuclear power?

The energy released by a nuclear reaction, especially by fission or fusion.

How fission and fusion reaction taking place in the sun?

In the sun it is fusion which produces its energy, not fission

Outline on nuclear energy?

Definition: energy from nuclear fission or fusion: the energy released by nuclear fission or fusion

Is the nuclear reaction in the sun the same as in nuclear bombs?

In the so-called "hydrogen bomb" or fusion bomb, yes, there is energy released from the same reaction (hydrogen fusing to helium) as in the Sun.However, many if not most atomic bombs are fission bombs that do not involve fusion. In a fission bomb, the nuclei of uranium atoms are split, converting some of their mass to energy.All current fusion bombs include fission reactions to trigger the greater energy release from fusion. But most of the energy in very large fission-fusion bombs comes from a third-stage reaction: the fusion causes an exceptionally powerful fission reaction in a uranium shell around the bomb. This called a Teller-Ulam device or fission-fusion-fission bomb.

Is solar energy is due to fussion reaction or fission?

nuclear fusion reaction

What is it when energy is released through fission or fusion?

Nuclear energy

Why fusion is impractical for energy?

Fusion is impractical for energy due to the immense ammount of energy produced in a fusion reaction. Fusion produces much more energy than a fission reaction. Due to this, it is difficult to harness the energy produced.

What is atomic energy?

The energy released by a nuclear reaction, especially by fission or fusion. Nuclear energy regarded as a source of power. Also called atomic energy.

What type of reaction supplies the most energy?

fusion nuclear reaction followed by fission nuclear reaction

Is it a fission or fusion reaction?

Fission and fusion are different nuclear reactions.

What isdifference nuclear fission and nuclear fission?

The difference between Fusion and Fission is that Fission is easier to do and produces more energy than fusion reactions. However fission can be dangerous and is used in Nuclear reactors. Fusion however is safer and produces less energy but safely. It is quite difficult to cause a Fusion reaction however.

What is the definition of necular energy?

Atomic energy is released during a nuclear reaction during fission or fusion. It is released by the nucleus of an atom and can also be a result of radioactive decay.

How does the energy released by fusion compare in magnitude with that released by fission?

Fusion is the combination of nuclei to form a bigger and heavier nucleus, while fission is the splitting of a heavy nucleus into lighter nuclei. The energy released by fusion is three to four times greater compared to fission.

How can mass be converted into nuclear fission and fusion reaction?

You don't convert mass into fission or fusion. What happens is that when fission or fusion occur, a small proportion of the mass involved is destroyed and this releases the energy which can then be used.

How does nuclear energy gets its power?

through nuclear fission/ fusion reaction

Is energy released from nuclear fusion and fission?

It depends. For nuclei lighter than nickel, fusion usually releases energy while fission requires energy. For nuclei heavier than nickel, fission usually releases energy while fusion requires energy.

Is the energy given off in a fusion reaction greater or less than the energy off in a fission reaction?

greater than

Nuclear energy is released during what?

Nuclear fission and fusion

Is reaction on sun a fusion or fission?


How can matter be turned into energy?

A nuclear reaction - either fusion or fission - is required to turn matter into energy.