Water Cycle

What energy is responsible for the water cycle?


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Solar energy results in the evaporation of water. It plays a major role in water cycle.

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The energy source behind the water cycle is solar energy. It is the only energy which initiates water cycle.

The sun is the energy that power the water cycle without the sun the water cycle is not possible so the sun is the source of energy and is the most important part of the water cycle

The energy that drives the water cycle is from the Sun.

The sun furnishes the energy for the water cycle. -Simonrock

its responsible to balance the environment

The water cycle is responsible for providing us with rain.

The sun is the source of energy that creates the water cycle.


where does the energy that powers the water cycle come from

The mitochondrion (pl. Mitochondria) is the site of the Kreb's cycle and is where energy is produced.

Sun provides thermal energy. it drives water cycle.

Sun energy is used to evaporate water. This is the initial step of water cycle.

No. The main source of energy for the water cycle is the energy we get from the Sun.

Sun provides energy for earth's water cycle. It provides thermal energy for evaporation.

The Krebs cycle takes place in the mitochondria.

Energy in the water cycle refers to heat from the sun, which powers the whole cycle, in particular the movement of water from oceans into the atmosphere (evaporation).

Solar energy helps in evaporation. It makes the water cycle happen.

The water cycle requires heat energy. It comes from sun.

The sun povides all the energy for the water Cycle.

The two processes of the water cycle are responsible for creating a lake are:EvaporationCondensationThese processes are involved.

Water cycle rejuvenate overall environment. It is responsible for recycling of water.

Energy gets converted from one form to another. Hence, it participates in water cycle.

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