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Q: What energy system is predominately used if the length of an activity is greater than 150 seconds?
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What energy system is important for goal shooter?

Goal Shooter predominately uses the ATP-PC system as it uses short but fast amounts of energy at a time, lasting for up to 10 seconds.

What transports energy?

A wave transports energy. The greater the energy, the greater the amplitude of the wave.

Is energy input usually greater than energy output?

The energy input is always greater than energy output.

Which type of energy becomes greater as the kinetic energy becomes greater?

The kinetic type does.

Which element has the greater bond energy oxygen or notrogen?

Oxygen has the greater bond energy.

If two roller coasters have the same mass the one with the greater what will have a greater Kinetic energy?

The one with the greater velocity will have the greater kinetic energy.

Which is greater the second ionization energy of potassium or that of calcium?

potassium is greater in the second ionization energy.

If two skydivers are the same distance from the ground the one with the greater mass will have greater aeilnoptt energy?

potential energy.

What is the scientific meaning of energy-?

The meaning of energy in scientific terms: The ability to do work; as the Greek meaning goes: "Activity".

What are the dietry energy requirement changes in age activity and health?

i need to know the change in energy requirements withe age, activity and health i need to know the change in energy requirements withe age, activity and health

Energy can be lost from this?

Under normal circumstances, energy can't be created or destroyed. But in any activity (and energy is required for any activity), part of the useful energy is converted into unusable energy - for example, waste heat.

Is there a human activity that does not need energy?

Not really. Any activity requires energy. Some a lot, some just a small amount.