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electric energy to mechanical energy


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Electrical energy transforms into mechanical energy

Electric motor is an example of conversion of energy. Electric generator is another example.

Usually electrical energy is transformed into mechanical or kinetic energy

In an electric motor, electrical energy (because it uses electricity) is transformed into mechanical energy (because it performs action). An electric mixer is a good example of this.

electrical energy - mechanical energy

motor is of mechanical energy which is made of kinetic energy

electric fan motor cycle washing machine electric stove television set

An example of an energy transformation in action is an electric streetcar. It receives its energy from the electric power lines and transforms it into kinetic energy as the streetcar moves on.

Which energy transformation occurs in an electric iron

The electric motor changes electric energy into mechanical energy.

A electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

An electric motor converts electrical energy to kinetic energy.

An electric motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.

electrical energy transforms into machenical energy.

when electrical energy is supplied to the motor of an electric fan, some of the electrical energy is transferred to the fan blade as kinetic energy. The energy is also transformed from electrical to kinetic.

It is the function of electric motors.

As energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can be transformed from one form to another. Hence ,in various applications energy is only transformed. For eg. : Electric motor

It's just a transformation of electric energy to another. There is nothing that can change it.

it transforms electrical energy into thermal energy

Electrical energy transforms into mechanical energy.

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