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the parts that come to mind are the pans, both oil and transmission. pumps, filters. I have seen in a bottom hit that the crank was broken. this vehicle was a total loss. it realy need a good inspection to determine what should be replace. the other things to consider are the various computer controled devices. hope it helps. duboff

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Where can you find schematics for 2004 dodge stratus?

you can get them at yapitshere or many other quality parts dealers they have repair manuals, diagrams, auto parts, body parts and engine parts

Why does your 2004 Dodge Stratus hesitates and then the check engine light comes on?

Could be the timing belt! You can take it to almost any parts store (Autozone, etc.) and they will test the check engine light for free. Don't just ignore it!

Diecast engine part Countermeasure damaged parts?"

What do you do when your engine light stays on in your 2002 dodge stratus?

it could be just a faulty gas cap or faulty computer go to your local parts store they should be able to check the codes and tell you the problem

Where can I get a replacement engine for a Dodge Stratus?

Start by checking at your local junk yard or car parts yard. You could also get one from a dodge car dealer. Also watch the classifieds or check somewhere like craigslist.

Why does your dodge stratus engine dies at idle?

I had a similar issue, auto parts store sold me the wrong spark plugs. look into your plugs and wires.

Dodge stratus 2.7l have a timing chain?

Timing Chain. Internal. $600 labor to open the engine plus parts kit at around $350.

Will body parts from a 1996 Intrepid work on a Stratus?

NO they will not

What do you change when you get into an accident with a 2007 PT Cruiser?

You repair or replace any damaged parts.You repair or replace any damaged parts.

To regrow body parts that are lost or damaged is called what?

To regrow body parts that are lost or damaged is called spicling.

In a four stroke engine the time period when both valves are slightly open is called valve?

If the valve timing is correct and there are no damaged engine parts (or weak/faulty valve springs) that should not happen, yet however if the engine is "over-revved" the valves could "float" which is not normal operation. (If the engine is an interference engine there may possibly be engine damage.) That is normal and it is called valve overlap.

Coolant leak on back of engine 1998 achieva?

There is an engine plug that fits in a water jacket on the back of the engine. If the plug is out or damaged it could cause the water to leak out of the back of the engine. You can feel around for a hole when the engine is cool or look for the leak while the radiator is full and the engine is running. Be careful the engine and water will be hot. The plug can be purchased at your local auto parts store for about 5 bucks.

Can a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder with a 3.1 V6 engine be damaged if the timing belt breaks? is an interferance engine. The belt keeps moving parts in sync; when it breaks at speed, those parts can hit each other with great force.

How do you read the check engine codes on 2000 Dodge Stratus?

You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

How much to tuneup a 1999 dodge stratus?

According to Car X-about $144.00 in labor to take off the top half off the engine to get to the spark plugs then about $80.00 for the parts.

IF the Timing belt broke on r reg Renault clio will the engine be damaged?

yes ! bent valves after market parts will cost about 70pound

Will an overfilled automatic transmission on a 2004 dodge stratus do any harm?

Yes, it could. If the fluid contacts the spinning parts of the transmission, it could aerate. Air in the fluid will cause slipping and eventual failure.

Are the parts from a 1999 chrysler cirrus compatible with a 1996 dodge stratus?

Some will be.

Could you inform me about parts for cars?

Parts for car are components of a car. They are used to renew the car, or after the initial components are damaged, they can be replaced. (After an accident, for example) Car parts are sold in car repair shops or online.

What parts of the body get damaged by cholera?


Why engine only starts better when cold?

It could be sticky or worn valve parts.

Where do I get a 2000 dodge stratus water pump diagram or cooling system diagram?

The diagram for a 2000 Stratus water pump and cooling system is in the Dodge Stratus service manual. The manual can be purchased through most auto parts.

Where is the location of the Purge Control Valve on 02 dodge stratus?

A person should know the location of all the parts in their car. The Purge Control Valve is located towards the front of the engine, on the passenger side.

Where is the shift solenoid on-in a 2000 Dodge Stratus 2.4L?


Diagram of a dodge stratus headlight?

A diagram of your Dodge Stratus headlight can be obtained from most Chrysler dealerships. The diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.