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What engine will fit a 1986 Honda CRX?

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d16a1 from a 86,87 integra as long as it has vacumn advance = plug and play you will need axles and hubs from the integ that is the easiest or if you have alot of money anything will fit

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1.5 fit in a 1986 Honda CRX?

The 1986 Honda CRX already has a 1.5.

Does a SOHC with 1.5 or 1.6 L engine will fit a Honda CRX 1988 type r engine?

yes because i have a engine 1.6 esi in the crx!!!it will fit

Will a b16 Honda engine fit in my 1985 Honda CRX?

IT has been done before but you will to do some modification i know this much.

Will part of a 1986 crx fit on a 1989 crx?

No not the bumpers.

Will the engine from a 1996 Honda accord fit into a 1986 Honda civic?


Will a 1990 Honda CRX Engine fit in a 1995 Honda Civic?

Yes, it will fit, as they are both D-series motors. However the 95 Civic has a hydraulic clutch, and the 90 crx is just a cable clutch. Also, the 90 CRX motor is OBD0 and the 95 Civic is OBD1.

Does an exhaust from a 1988 crx fit on a 87 crx?

The 1988 Honda CRX was a new generation of the model. The exhaust from a 1988 will not fit on a 1987 model.

Does a 1993 Honda CR250 engine fit in a 1986 Honda CR250?

The 1993 engine will not fit directly into the 1986 frame without modification due to a 1992 change in frame geometry and mounting positions.

Will a CRX D-16 transmission bolt on to a B-15 engine?

there's no b15 Honda engine, if you meant d15 it will fit

Will a 1991 Honda civic crx engine fit in a 1993 Honda accord?

an accord is a big car and putting a 1.6 out of a crx would kinda be a little on the stupid side(no offence) it would probably run like a RC car

I have a 1987 Acura Integra Brown Top Engine. What other Honda or Acura bodys will this engine fit in?

the browntop will fit in any Honda crx del sol civic teggy accord prelude all just need the mounts

Will a 1988 Honda CRX motor fit a 1987 crx?

Yes with a little bit of you work. go to you can find every thing you want to no there.

Can a 2002 crv motor fit in a 1991 crx?

I can tell you that the engine used in the CR-V is identical to the engine in the Honda Civic. I rarely do this, however, you may want to go on the internet and locate a Honda CRX or CR-V owners/fan group on the internet and post your question there OR simply call a Honda dealer's service department and ask.

Will a D16A1 fit in your 1989 Honda CRX?

No. The d16a1 motor will only fit the first generation crx's

New axel's won't fit on 1989 Honda CRX?

check the nimber of splines

Will a front bumper from a 1984 -1987 Honda CRX dx or hf fit a 1987 Honda CRX si?

yes it will fit ther is no diff. in the cars ex. that the si has a sun roof and a diff motor but the bodys are the same\.

What size engine does the 2013 Honda Fit have?

The 2013 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

What size engine does the 2007 Honda Fit have?

The 2007 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

What size engine does the 2011 Honda Fit have?

The 2011 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

What size engine does the 2012 Honda Fit have?

The 2012 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

What size engine does the 2008 Honda Fit have?

The 2008 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

What size engine does the 2009 Honda Fit have?

The 2009 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

What size engine does the 2010 Honda Fit have?

The 2010 Honda Fit has an inline 4 engine.

Can you use any Honda 1.5 bottom end on my Honda CRX d15b6?

yes any d15 or d16 bottom will fit.

Can a 1995 Honda Accord vtech 2 L engine fit in a crx?

the engine will fit , but you have to either fabricate or buy some custom mounts, and you wont get to use your hood anymore. the engine is too tall and sticks up out of the bay. i just got a cowl hood for mine,