What entertainment was used in the 1980s?

The same as today, except that the internet was not available! Entertainments of the '80s included live theatre, cinema, radio, video films, TV, recorded music, night clubs and computer games. Computer games first appeared in the late '70s, but they really took off across the Western world from the early '80s on. They could be played on home computers or on TV via consoles that were plugged into the aerial socket, and were on cartridges that were fitted into the consoles. Popular brands included Atari and Intellivision. The internet obviously did not exist at civilian level in the '80s, but home computers could still be used for a number of purposes, including graphic artwork and gaming- software was initially sold on cassettes, and later on large-format floppy discs. Video films were hugely popular- mostly, films were on VHS cassette, although for a brief period the video disc player was around in the very early '80s. It used the same technology as the DVD does today and was years ahead of it's time, but was unpopular because you could only play back pre-recorded films on them, and not use them to record. Computer graphic imagery began to appear in cinema films in the '80s- films that featured it include Blade Runner and Ghostbusters. Satellite TV did not appear until the late '80s, so television was confined to ordinary terrestrial broadcasting for much of the decade; also in Britain and Europe, it did not run 24 hours, and closed down for several hours at night time. Compact discs had been available in the US since the late '70s, but began to be manufactured in Britain in '82 and were very much the state-of-the-art for recorded music in that decade. Early CD players are amongst the best that have ever been made.