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The salivary glands produce lipase which breaks down lipids (fats) and amylase which breaks down the sugar amylose. They also produce a weak antibiotic.

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What enzymes produce by the salivary glands?

The major enzyme produced by the salivary glands is amylase.

What enzymes do salivary glands produce?

The salivary glands produce two enzymes: amylase which begins the digestion of sugars and lipase which begins the breakdown of lipid (fats). They also produce lysozyme a weak antibacterial.

What organ that produce enzymes that begin carbohydrate digestion?

Salivary glands.

What hormone does the salivary glands produce?

These glands produce no hormones. They produce two enzymes: lipase and amylase. Plus lysozyme, a weak antibacterial.

What is the effect of parasympathetic stimulation on this salivary glands?

The salivary glands work more. They produce more saliva. More enzymes are secreted. The saliva pass to the mouth cavity.

Where does the salivary glands empty their enzymes?


What produces enzymes to break down starches proteins and fat?

Salivary glands are glands in the mouth that produce spit (saliva). In this spit is a chemical called enzymes that break down food.

What is an example for glands?

Glands are organs which produce enzymes or hormones in the body and examples are thyroid gland in the neck, salivary gland in the mouth, pancreas and adrenal glands the the abdomen

What are the glands that produce saliva?

The salivary glands in the mouth produce saliva.

What are the glands in the mouth that produce saliva?

Salivary glands

What do you call glands that produce saliva?

Salivary glands

Which digestive enzymes are produced by salivary glands?


Where does digestive enzymes are produced?

Salivary glands and pancreas.

What do salivary glands produce?


Who produce saliva?

salivary glands

What is the produce of the salivary glands?


What enzymes are produced by salivary glands?

The enzyme amylase (for breaking down starch) is produced by the salivary glands along with water and mucus

What do the salivary glands help your body for?

The salivary glands in your mouth secretes saliva that contains enzymes that help breakdown starch when you're eating.

What organs produce saliva?

salivary glands

What do the salivery glands do?

The salivary glands produce and secrete saliva into the mouth.

Do the enzymes in the mouth come from the pancreas?

No, they come from special glands in the mouth called salivary glands.

Organ that makes enzymes for digestion?

Your salivary glands i think It!

What secretes digestive enzymes?

The salivary glands, the stomach, and the small intestine.

Where does the secretion of enzymes take place?

In the salivary glands, beneath the tongue.

Functions of salivary gland?

The salivary glands produce and secrete saliva. Acini, which are clusters of cells, are the basic units of the galnds, these cells secrete a fluid containing water, electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes.