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Season 1, Episode 3- Good Riddance

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Q: What episode and season Did pauly d and jwoww hook up?
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Did Pauly D hook up with JWoww in season 3?

No it was in season 1!

Did jwoww hook up with pauly d?


Does Elena and Damon hook up in season 2?

No but they slowly become closer and then hook up in season 4 episode 7

Will Nat Wolf hook up with Rosalina in Season 2?

Yes they did in the last episode

How many girls did pauly d hook up with?


Did Jenni from Jersey Shore hook up with Pauly D?

No, all they did was kiss.

Did Pauly D hook up with Snooki?

yes he did and I still can not believe it either

What epsiode of Jersey Shore does Snooki hook up with vinny for the first time?

Season 2, Episode 3

Which Law and Order SVU episode did Elliot and Kathy hook up after they divorce?

Kathy and Elliot first get back together in the episode 'Annihilated' (season 8, episode 20). Subsequently, in the 'Screwed' (season 8, episode 22), Kathy tells Elliot that she is pregnant.

What eposides of Jersey Shore did snooki and vinny hook up?

They first hooked up in season 2, episode 6.

What episode does Naruto and Hinata hook up?

Naruto and Hinata do not hook up.

Do DiNozzo and Ziva hook up on NCIS?

Not "properly". They kissed and pretended to have sex in season 3, episode 8 (it was called "Undercovers") when they were pretending to be a married couple for an undercover mission

What episode of Glee did puck and rachel hook up?

I believe it's episode 8 - Mash-Up

Who did the situation hook up with?

sammi in season 1

Will Amy get together with ricky on secret life?

Yes , Infact they are dating currently in the show . They also are going to hook up in Season 3 Episode 26 June 6 2011 .

How did Gwen and Trent hook up?

Yes, in the episode called "Phobia factor"

Does ed ever hook up with winry?

yes they do in episode 64 final.

What episode of the vampire diaries do Elena and Damon hook up?

theyve never hooked up but they've kissed (well Damon thought he kissed Elena but he really kissed Katherine her old vampire look-alike) and stephan and Elena have but idk what episode

When do mark and lexi hook up on Grey's Anatomy?

around season 5

What episode of Shake It Up does Gunther say Mmm hummus?

Shake it up - hook it up

What was the first and the last episode of The Angry Beavers?

The first episode was called Born To Be Beavers/Up All Night. The last episode was called Specs Appeal/Things That Go Hook in the Night.

In Friends when do Monica and Chandler hook up?

The first time Monica and Chandler hook up is in The One with Ross's Wedding (season 4 finale)

Is Booth and Brennan going to hook up?

Yes they have a baby together in season 7.

What song is playing when Clare kisses Eli in Season 12?

"Planet Earth" by Shawn Hook

When do Blair and chuck hook up in season 1?

a couple episodes before her b-day