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The very first one when he was a baby

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Q: What episode does Goku cry?
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What episode does chi chi and goku fight?

The episode in which Chi Chi and Goku fight is episode 137. It's also the episode in which Chi Chi becomes Goku's fiancee.

What episode does Goku turn super sayian?

GOKU tranforms in episode 96 and the battle goes on in episode 97

What episode did Goku kill cooler?

goku didnt kill cooler in a episode. goku killed cooler in movie 6 the return of cooler.

In what episode of Dragon Ball does Goku learn how to fly?

Goku knew how to fly in episode 153

Why is Broly angry over Goku?

When they were babies Goku made Broly cry.

What episode when goku turns ito a kid?

Goku turn into kid Goku in episode 1 or Dragonball GT because Emperor Pilof accidentally wished for Goku to be a kid again.

What episode does goku turn super saiyan 4?

Goku turns super saiyan 4 in dragoball gt episode 35 (Goku's Ascension)

What episode does Goku turn super saiyan?

goku turnes super saiyan in dbzkai is episode 47 and ends freeza in episode 48

What episode does Goku learn the kamehameha?

goku learns the kamehameha on the movie path of power (Edit: Goku first performs a kamehameha wave in the 8th episode of dragon ball)

What episode does goku go super saiyan 2 for the first time?

it is the episode when goku fights majin vegeta

What episode does goku return to other world in majin buu saga?

episode 248 - Goku's Time Is Up

Which episode does Goku use the feet kamehameha?

in episode 146 dbz / dragon ball z goku used it to attack piccolo

Why is broly mad at Goku?

When Broly and Goku were Babies, then Goku kept on crying loudly which irritated Broly and also made him cry.

What episode in Dragon Ball Z does Goku and Piccolo learn how to drive?

Episode 110 or Episode 125, depending on the dub. Both are entitled "Goku's Ordeal".

What episode in Dragon Ball Z does Goku gets his on fire?

you want to know what episode goku's butt gets but on fire? if so its episode 77 of dragonball

What episode does Goku kill frieza?

goku deafetes frieza on episode 89 in dragon ball z the episode is called frieza defeated at last i think

What episode when Goku fight cooler?

goku doesn't fight cooler in an episode he fights cooler in the movie called dbz coolers revenge

What episode does Goku meet bardock?

Goku never meets Bardock.

What episode does Goku vs Pikkon?

episode 184

What episode did Goku meet Goten?

That is episode 208.

What episode does goten meet Goku?

in episode 193

What episode does Goku fight cell?

its episode 162

What episode does Goku have a baby?

the frist episode of DBZ

What episode did Goku kill buu?

episode 286

What episode does goku meet chichi?

in dragonball episode 6 or 7