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Season 5, Episode 22, The One With Joey's Big Break.

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Rachel does not get pregnant on glee. Quinn is the one who gets pregnant and Puck was the one who got her pregnant in the episode called ''Preggers''.

Rachel Berry doesn't get pregnant at all in Glee. It's Quinn Fabray who gets pregnant in Season 1, episode 4: Preggers.

The first episode is called 'pilot'.

In my view its season 10. :D .... and the best episode is the one where rachel gets her Ralph Lauren JJob back and the Louis Vattions offer her more money....CLASSIC :D

she gets mad at Finn and Rachel for getting together and slacking off in their songwriting. and she also gets a haircut.

The One With The Proposal, part IEpisode 6.24 - Series 6, Episode 24.

The One With All The Haste...season 4 disc 4 Great Episode

There may be some people that find the character Rachel annoying but I don't happen to be one of them. Jennifer Aniston makes Rachel so 'human' you can't help but love her.

In season 4 episode 1 the Friends are still in the beach house. Monica, Chandler and Joey are taking a trip to the beach and Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. knowing that the only remedy for that is pee, Chandler pees on Monica which makes the three of them very uncomfortable around one another. Ross breaks up with Bonnie and gets back together with Rachel, but Rachel wants him to take full responsibility of everything that went wrong in their relationship and Ross refuses, by the end of the episode they break up again. Phoebe, in the meantime, gets to know her birth mother (also named Phoebe), and though very angry with her she is eventually willing to let her be a part of her life .

Monica gets the Porsche in the Season Seven episode "The One Where Rosita Dies".

September 22nd 1994 Friends started with the first Episode "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate" (aka The Pilot).

may gets her bulbusaur when she gets stranded alone on some forbidden land somewhere and makes friends with it. Episode Name-Grass Hysteria

'the stain" the one where chandler and monica gets a maid

Yes they do, on the last episode Rachel wants to go to Paris for her new job and Ross tries to stop her and drives to the wrong airport. Rachel gets on the plane but then realises she loves Ross and gets off. Then when they're hugging and crying they say. "No more stupid stuff, now it's us, together, forever, OK?" and Ross says "Unless we're on a break" Then he looks embarassed and they both start laughing. And although we dont find out if they get married my guess is that they do just because it seems as though they will.

jimmy gets shot and in episode of danger zone sppiner gets shot

on episode 167 the last episode

Melinda gets pregnant by a man not an episode

That was the one when the chicken woke the girls up early, they had a contest to see who knew whom the best (teams:Joey and Chandler---Monica and Rachel. Ross emce) Monica up-ed the bet and the boys won. The winner gets the girls apartment.

No because when rachel and chris snogg at the end of series 5 episode 10 rachel said that it wouldn't be a good idea so instead they get a taxi home and end up snogging(they were drunk at the time). chris realises it was a one-off but was upset because he loves rachel lots but he soon gets over it.

no they dont date rachel likes him but she gets over it!

Rachel and Finn break up in Special Education. Finn gets back with Quinn in Original Song. but Finn and Rachel go back to being friends At the funeral Finn breaks up with Quinn because he still loves Rachel. Finn and Rachel share 2 kisses in New York. and they get back together in the end of New York.

== == She gets eliminated in Episode 17 "Hide and be Sneaky and in episode 16, Trent gets off ( i kno shocking ) that episode is very intersest of the clips i saw....

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