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What episode of Naruto does Sai come in on?


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well, naruto shippuden episode 1 has sai in it, but only because it is a preplay of the future. the first time that naruto actually first meets sai is naruto shippuden episode 33 or 34.


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naruto meets sai in episode 35.

Episode 32 in Naruto Shippuuden

it was naruto sai yamato and sakura and it was gender divided. Episode 36

Naruto Shippuden epissode 33.

Sai joins team 7 in Naruto shippunden episode 34

To be exact, it is in the double episode 57-58 of Naruto Shippuden. The episode is called Deprvied of Eternal Sleep. The scene where Sai puts his arm around Naruto, (hilarious) is about 7-8 minutes into the double episode.

33 i thinkaround thair i am sure its right after you re meat choji

The episode that Sai calls Sakura 'ugly' is episode 41 in Naruto Shippuden, titled 'Nightmare.'

Sai tells Sakura that Naruto loves her in Naruto Shippuden episode 201. He goes on to tell her how bad she has been hurting Naruto, because Naruto will not quit on any promises that she holds him to.

episode 333 or 332 one of them

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Episode 33 - The new target.

Naruto Shippuuden : Episode 34 or 35.

I don't remember the number of the episode.But Shikamaru mat Sai when he when Sai attacked Shikamaru and Naruto in Konoha

Its when naruto, sakura, and sai go on their first mission.

in chapter 286, sakura hears the conversation that goes on with naruto and sai.

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