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Pseudostratified columnar epithelium is an epithelial tissue comprised of only one layer of cells. The nuclei of these column shaped cells are located at varying levels which make it appear as though there are multiple layers.

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What epithelium appears to have two or three layers of cells but actually all of the cells are in contact with the basement membrane?

pseudostratified columner

What epithelium appears to have two or three layers of cells but all the cells are in contact with the basement membrane?

A pseudostratified columnar epithelium, as in the upper respiratory passages, and the vas deferens.

A type of epithelium consisting of a single layer of flat cells which allow diffusion to occur is?

This is referred to as the simple squamous epithelium. These cells contact the basement membrane and they are flat and thin.

Skin cancer that causes epithelial cells to not be in contact with basement membrane?

Squamous cell carcinoma

Where are the stratified squamos cells located?

A simple squamous epithelium is a single layer of flat squamous cells that are all in contact with the basement membrane. The cells are irregularly shaped and very flat, so flat that the cell nucleus sometimes creates a bump in the surface of the cell

How many layers of cells are in simple epithelium?

Simple epithelium is one cell thick; that is, every cell is in contact with the underlying basal lamina. Simple epithelium can be subdivided further according to the shape and function of its cells.

What structure in a plant cell may force the cell membrane into contact with the cell wall?

The structure in a plant cell that may force the cell membrane into contact with the cell wall is the plasma membrane. This will also come into contact with the vesicle membrane.

What heals faster stratified squamous or simple columnar epithelium?

Simple columnar epithelium cells will heal faster than stratified squamous cells. The stratified squamous cells rarely have contact with blood.

Where does a cell membrane come in contact with water?


The ossicle of the ear that is in contact with the tympanic membrane is the?


Where does a cell membrane come into contact with water?

Cell membranes come into contact with water throughout the human body. The cell membrane comes into the most contact with water in the bladder, which holds urine that is mainly composed of water.

Why doesn't the membranenof an egg get dissolved when soaked in vinegar?

Because when it is soaked in vinegar,the shell is making direct contact with the vinegar;the shell is made from carbonate and will be dissolved by the acid in the vinegar, whereas, the membrane is protein so it takes a lot longer to be affected by the vinegar. The reaction is different so the membrane appears not to be affected.

What is the part of the cell that is in most direct contact with the enviorment?

The cell membrane.

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What prevents damage from bone to bone contact within movable joints?

Synovial membrane

What part of a cell membrane is usually in contact with the interstitial fluid?

phosphate heads of phospholipids

What prevents overgrowth of an epithelium during healing?

Contact inhibition, which is a growth mechanism which functions to keep cells growing into a monolayer ( a layer one cell thick).

The part of the cell that is in most direct contact with the environment is the?

The cell membrane, which surrounds the cell and is responsible for which molecules are allowed to diffuse into or out of the cell and which molecules are impermeable to the membrane

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Does the bacteria cell contain a nucleus?

bacteria do not contain a nucleus. they have their genetic material in contact with the cellular component. there is no nuclear membrane to enclose their nuclear material into a nucleus.they are devoid of compartmentalization i.e they do not have membrane bound oraganelles and as nucleus is a membrane bound organelle so it is absent. though their genetic material is still present but in contact with cytoplasm

Why is a plasma membrane important to a cell?

Plasma membrane in the primary membrane of a cell. Which protects the cell from being washed out or when attacked. Besides it also helps to make make contact with the neighbor cells. So,it is very important to a cell.

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What are 3 ways bacteria can be transmitted from person to person?

1). Mucus membrane to mucus membrane contact. 2). Aerial contact of water droplets containing bacteria from a cough or sneeze, or exhale. 3). Skin to skin contact, which may also have an intermediary object such as a door knob or elevator button. Broken skin or contact with oozing blood is also an invitation for bacterial transmission.