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i have successfully breed 5 strands of guppies in a 20 gallon tank with a power filter and some java moss and any other type of plant you want and of course add water If you want the fry (newborns)to have a better chance of survival, get a breeder container and place the preg. female in it before she releases her babies. Feed them powdered flake food, or fry food.

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Q: What equipment do you need for breeding guppies?
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What are the equipment for guppies to breed?

Breeding is easy but yet hard. All you need to do is get a boy and a girl guppy of course. If our going to have several guppies,then you don't get the same amount of boys and girls. You will also need a breeding net (choice) and a separate tank or lots of plants in the adult tank. The plants will allow the guppies to hide from the parents that will try to eat them.

Are your guppies breeding?


How big do guppies need to be before breeding?

2 cm for males (when they get very colorful) females, a little bigger

What is the breeding season for guppies?

There is no breeding season. Male guppies will breed constantly. But sometimes they can get board with a female and not breed. So separate them for a bit then put them back together.

What is the best guppies for breeding?

Based on my own experiences, guppies from PETSMART do not give birth to as large groups when they do, which is rare.

How can you keep guppies from breeding?

Only buy males or females.

What are the signs of guppie breeding?

The signs of guppy breeding is when the males (the more colorful fish) start chasing the female guppies (the duller ones). The female guppies should appear to become fatter, signifying that the fish is pregnant.

When guppies breed how many offspring do they have?

Guppies breed whenever, there is no special way that's kinda what their thing... breeding usually 50-100, depending on the species

How much water do guppies need to stay alive?

For 2 guppies you need 2 gallons.

Guppies when pregnant guppies fish die do the babies come out?

They probably will not :( im breeding and that just might happen to my guppy so I'll let you know :) Answer = they will not as I am an experienced breeder.

Can guppies live in the same aquarium as a goldfish?

No. Guppies need a heater, whereas gold fish will overheat. Also, they will eat the guppies.

Do guppies reproduse with siblings?

YES! and without mutations. So, breeding once leads to hundreds of gubbies.

How do you breed a pure line of guppies?

You would need several hundred tanks, and at least 100 line bred fish to start with. Line breeding fish is not an easy or cheap undertaking.

Do male guppies die after they mate?

NO, I'm a long time breeder and I've had over 100 liters and my males haven't showed one sign of sickness or death also just to let you know as long as your female has had at least one liter then she doesn't need a male to have more babies. also i hope your prepared to have a millon babies in your tank because guppies give birth constently.but i think guppies are the best fish you could have because they come in many shapes and colors . I'm breeding fancy guppies and i found out that about 80% of them are red cobra guppies.wish me luck with my breeding.

Is there any way to stop guppies from breeding?

You could either sell some of your guppies so as they won't breed, sell the guppy babies you have online or at yur local pet store or keep one of your guppies in one of the seperator tanks you get for your main tank.

Do you need a breeding license for breeding hamsters?

I am fairly certain that you need to have a breeding licenes.

Do Guppies lay eggs?

No, guppies are livebearers which means they have live babies (called guppy fry). The females and males will eat them once they are born, but some will live by hiding or if you put them in a breeding trap.

How many guppies can you put in a 10gallon fish tank?

ten guppies would be about maximum for ten gallons. only keep males if breeding is unwanted. if there is a female i am sure that there will soon be more then ten.

What Equipment needed to breed horses?

technically you dont need any. but if you want to you can use breeding hobbles and boots for the stallion and etc.

What do guppies need to live?

food and water.

Why do you need algae to produced guppies?

You don't.

Do guppies need a heater?

yes guppies are hot watered fish so they need a heater and a filter also to be feed unlike an alge eater

Is there money in breeding store guppies?

You will probably spend more than you make they don't make a very good profit.

Can you put 2 pregnant guppies in the breeding box at the same time?

Yes, but sometimes one might peck at the other.

Does guppies need light to live?

Yes guppies do need light to live. Its all about the light inside of the food. Also, the guppies feed off of the energy in their food. It's pretty much like a food web.