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What equipment do you need to start a talent agency?

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September 11, 2007 7:51PM


Tools and A Few Tips:

Focus on what you want to do.

Make sure you know the right people: TV channels, movie studios, ballet or theatre companies, modeling agencies, managers, actors, models, theatres, arts schools etc. Make yourself visible. Call them, write to them, visit them, always by appointment.

Have your address-book always handy. PC, phone, answering-machine and fax essential. Also a cellular, and 2 better than one. Business cards.

A little office desirable. (You can share one with somebody else when you start)

Dress nicely and watch your manners.

Speak properly.

Make sure your car is spotlessly clean and safe to drive.

Never forget to smile.

Get in touch with a good photographer or two you can trust.

Make-up artists and hair-stylists are good to know too.

Contact local newspapers and free press where you live and in towns nearby.

Contact different advertising businesses and plan a strategy.

Build a web site.

Be prepared to work hard. It will take a while before you find someone and make a star of them.

Do not allow glamour to fool you.

Be decent.

Bear in mind that you will be meeting lots of people (some may be famous, others may soon be) and you will often have to take them out for coffee or a drink or a meal and the bill will be on you at least 50% of the time. Start finding nice places you can afford. You want to make an impression. Never forget the Public Relations Side of your job!! Good luck! See Related Links See the Related Links for "Want to Become a Talent Agent?" to the bottom for the answer.