What equipment used in badminton?


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Equipment used is Badminton includes battledore and shuttlecock. While the tool for playing the badminton game is the racket. All badminton equipment is lightweight

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The badminton equipment you need is a birdie, a badminton racquet, another player, a badminton court and a pair of badminton shoes.

There are standard facilities and equipment used in playing badminton. A court with the correct markings with dimensions of 44 by 22 feet is used. Equipment includes, racquets and birds. You need players in proper clothing to play.

As a matter of fact, there is a blog solely devoted to badminton equipments. =========================================================== ABOUT THE BADMINTON EQUIPMENT BLOG: = Badminton Equipment = Learn about badminton equipments, from rackets to shuttlecocks and even accesories. Discover what equipment suites and drives you to your full potential. Everything you want to know about badminton equipments all here! ============================================================

Badminton Racket Shuttlecock Badminton String Badminton Shoes Badminton Accessory by :marco galgana ^^

you must have the following: racket shuttlecock net suitable clothing and footwear

A badminton racket, shuttle cock, badminton net, sensible clothing (sports where), a hall or indoor facility with badminton court markings on the floor.

Badminton posts are the posts on either side of the court that hold the net up.

Badminton TermsThese are the common Badminton Terms used in BadmintonAttacking clear

the technology used in badminton is hawk eye

You can purchase badminton equipment from any good local sports retailer. Some of the larger department stores also have sports departments, and some big supermarkets such as Walmart often have sporting equipment too.

At least 2 badminton rackets, a badminton net, a few shuttlecocks, 2 to 4 players.

racket, shuttlecocks, kit, net and thats it

they carry a watch, stopwatch and no Cards

The players must have a shuttlecock and racquets.

The projectile used in Badminton is called a shuttlecock or shuttle.

Racket, shuttle, net, strings, Grip.

a bed the competitions last a while

the battledore and shuttlecock and added a net

It is used in badminton.

What are the terms for the “ball” used in badminton?

A racket and a shuttlecock. Also, trainers, shorts and a t-shirt.

The noun badminton is a common noun. Badminton is only a proper noun when it is used for the name of something specific, such as Dallas Badminton Club or Dave Freeman Open Badminton Classic.

Just about all the bones in your arms, legs and feet are used in a game of Badminton.

Mostly a wood surface is used for playing badminton. Also some badminton courts are made out of concrete

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