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It was the attack of Pearl Harbor that made the US join the allies.

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What threat encouraged the us to join the allies in World War I?

what threat encouraged the United States to join the allies in world war 1

What was Italy's motive in joining the war?

Italy and Germany were allies. Mussolini was reluctant to join the war. He was forced to do so by Hitler, who wanted Italian troops to back up German troops.

Can you give me a sentence for the word reparation?

After World War I, Germany was forced to take the blame for the war and was then forced to pay reparations to the Allies.

Is Rosie the riveter allies or axis?

Allies it was a propaganda model to get women to join the war movement

What did Hitler do that forced the allies to declare war against Germany?

Hitler lead Germany to invade many other countries in Europe. Since many of the countries in Europe were part of the Allies such as: Britian. Then they bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawiia which caused the U.S. to join the war.

What were the long-term causes of World War 1?

a problem with ww1 was that most European countries were bound by ally agreements. When only 2 countries officially declared war on each other their allies were forced to join the war.

Why did britan join world war 2?

They wre allies of the affected

How did Italy join World War 1?

They're allies went to war, and drug them in to WW1. :)

Did Berlin join the Allies side in World War 2?

I'm in Y5 but I do yr 7 work so: yes, berlin did join the Allies in WW2 in 1941

Did England join Allies during World War I?

England was in World War 1 long before America decided to join the Allies. France, The United Kingdom and Russia were the Entente Powers (the Allies) at the beginnng of the war in 1914. Italy joined them in April 1915 and America joined them in 1917.

When did other countries join the allies and declare war?

That was in 1309, right when I was born.

Why didn't France join the Allies in World War 2?

France was part of the allies , France and England jointly declared war on Germany Sept1/1939

Why did Romania join both the Axis and the Allies during World War 2?

In the first part of the war Romania wanted to free Romanian territories occupied by the Soviet Union invaders.After 23.08.1944 Romania was forced to fight against Germany.

How did the germans prepare for war?

after world war one the allies put how big there battle ships and military vehicles could be. The allies or the us did not join because they thought they war peace full but the British were allies with the French when Hitler declared on France UK had to join. They were already damaged world war one but the America wasn't. The main reason we joined the war is because the Japanese attacked us and they were allies with Germany

Why did many Americans think you should join World War 1?

Americans felt that if they join the war they would be fighting for their country. many felt an obligation to join, or they were forced by drafts

Who join world war 2 with Britain?

France joined on the Allies side with Britain.

When did Russia join the allies in World War 2?

1941, after Hitler invaded Russia.

9 How did American participation in the war affect the outcome in World War 1?

American contribution to WWI forced Germany to go back to Germany. The U.S. were allies with Great Britain, The Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire. Germany blew up Great Britain's ship Lucitania. The US was hesitant to join the war, and wanted to stay out of it, because they didn't want to choose a side. After Great Britain intercepted a message from Germany to Mexico telling Mexico to join the war so they can gain land from the US, GB sent it to the US. This and the Lusitania forced the US to join the war. After Russia exited the war Germany finally had a chance to conquer France. Becuase we joined there were fresh forces and money allowing for the Allies to continue the war.

What is the outcome of Italy in world war 2?

Italy was defeated and forced to surrender to the Allies in 1943.

Were Americans forced to fight for the brithish in the revolutionary war?

No,we decided to help them fight because they were our allies.

What forced allies to declare war on Germany?

The German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939

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