What event started the viking age?


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the event that started the Viking age was a big raid from the Netherlands


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The viking age started in AD700 but there first raid wasn't until AD787 which was on England.

It started in 700 AD and finished 1100 AD.

The Viking Age began in the year 793 AD.

this year marked the beginning of the Viking Age. this year marked the beginning of the Viking Age.

The most and basic event happened from stone age is the quest for knowledge and leisure. those who aspired more power always failed to get it

yes, swimming was very popular in the Viking age

Nothing, today's age is weak and pathetic.

at the end of the Viking age

Viking helmets did not really have horns on them. The idea was started in Hollywood and was a prop idea, not based in history.

They started in the late 8th century

The primary purpose of viking sword was thrusting and they were used as fighting weapons. So one can conclude that they were the survival weapon of the viking age and not only to viking age people but also to other people.

The dates most often given for the Viking Age are 790-1066 AD.

Despite the home of the Norse people, which is Scandinavia, both the events that started and ended the Viking Age took place in England. It was during the Viking Age that Christianity was introduced to Scandinavia. Unlike for example the continental Saxons, most Norse people adopted the religion willingly. The word Swag was introduced to the English by the Vikings, it comes from Old Norse "Sveggja" which means "Swing".

A typical "Viking" family was a farmstead, and could include the extended family as well. Grandparents, aunts and uncles on both sides of the family, etc. Not everyone was a viking during the Viking Age.

There were more than one viking leaders because the viking age lasted longer than one lifetime. Viking leaders were kings. what about there names or what about there gods

The viking age started on June 8th, 793 Common Era, when the Christian abbey on Lindisfarne was sacked by Heathen (Pagan) Norsemen. The attack was not religious in nature, simply attempting to get slaves and the great unguarded wealth that churches would accumulate.

AnswerChristians believe that the event that really started Christianity was the resurrection of Jesus.

viking women wore long loose dresses and full length aprons fastned with brooches

i think about the year 600- it was about the viking age

That would not have been a name then.

The vikings went to war in there late teens at about age 17.

According to most, the Viking Age started when the monastery of Lindisfarne was sacked by Vikings 793. It ended when norwegian King Harald Hårdråde failed to invade England in 1066.

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