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Japan attacking the US in a battle called PEARL HARBOR

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Pearl Harbor, the place is a US naval base.Pearl Harbor, the event was a attack on the naval base by Japanese forces and triggered the entry of the US into WW2.

One event that triggered the U.S. To go to war was the Zimmerman Telegraph: the proposal from Germany to Mexico where Germany offered Mexico a blank check to go to war with the U.S. The Germans were hoping the U.S. Would be to distracted with Mexico to enter in WW1, but the U.S. found out and was angry. This is one reason why they entered the war.

Pearl Harbor triggered the US entry into the war; making WW2 a global war.

You have not told us which event, or which revolution you are asking about.

the bombing of Pearl harbour on Dec.7th 1941

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to the US entry into WW2

The Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i, USA was what triggered the United States to join the Second World War.

There was no single event that drew the US into World War I in 1917. The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 along with continued submarine warfare against American commerce made the US entry into the war almost inevitable.

The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The sinking of the pre-dreadnought USS "Maine" in Havana harbour on Feb.15,1898.

The Japanese bombed the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 07 Dec 1941

The event that triggered the US to enter WWII was the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaiiearly in the morning of 7dec1941.

The attack of Pearl harbor and then the united states got word of what hitler was doing to the Jews and so we invaded

The Franco-Prussian War was not directly related to the entry of the US into World War I.

The Japanese attack upon the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 07 Dec 1941 .

1. That the attack was not on United States soil, because Hawaii was just a territory back then.2. That it was a military attack on military targets.3. That it was the event that triggered the United States' entry into the "Pacific Theater" of the Second World War. This is the name for the war between Japan and the US in the Pacific.

The event that lead to the US involvement in World War 2 was the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA. It was this "surprise" attack on the United States that triggered our retaliation against the Japanese, and our involvement in the War.

This question can be answered two ways. One event that was the ultimate trigger for the US Civil War was the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election. This propmpted the move to session to begin and the end result was the rebellion of the South drifting into an all out war.The other answer is the attack on US Fort Sumter, was the trigger point most referred to as the main event leading to an all out war between the states.

what three events led to united states entry into the war

do you mean what caused us entry into world war one? if so then the sinking of the USS Lusitania by German u-boats was what caused American entry into the war

the entry of the US into the war

The Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor propelled the US into the war.

the entry of US troops.

US assistance to France was the precursor and the introduction of Army advisors was the actual point of US entry into the Vietnam War.

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