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the international spread of the great depression


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Europe started to develop economies based slavery in the late 15th century.

Their economies remained rooted in agriculture.

No. Slavery tended to prevent the South from using the new industrialized economies of that period.

Child labor was a problem in the U.S. and Britain in the 19th century but was legally abolished early in the 20th century. It is still a problem in developing economies.

The concept was first demonstrated by Sir Humphry Davy in the early 19th century

Slavery allowed the South to enter into the new industrialized economies of the nineteenth century.

manipulation of human DNA,crash in the economy of developed economies,water and food shortages.

Some factors that contributed to the collapse of command economies were the following:They were much less efficient at producing goods than Western free market economies.They were too focused on producing consumer goods instead of valuable new technologiesApex: They were much less efficient at producing goods than Western free market economies.

The economies were different. While Virginia was strictly agricultural, Massachusetts had a mix of economies including shipbuilding, farming and shipping. While church attendance was mandatory in Massachusetts, this was not a mandate in Virginia.

Trading was a major factor of European economies in the 16th and 17th century, Europe did not have everything they needed and would trade with nations to get it.

Type your answer here... increasing industrialization

pretty sure they pertained to oils, perfumes, spices, wines, and other Mediterranean based economies

The amount of carbodioxide in the air is increasing as a result of industrialization in nineteenth century and thereafter.

Japan and Germany economies were both rebuilt after WW2 into the world's strongest, third and fourth respectively after the US and China.

States in the South relied mostly on cotton for their economies, as the South was geographically well-suited to farming.

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