What events did the Navajo tribe celebrate?

The Navajo or Dine' are modern Americans and celebrate all the same holidays that most Americans do. Fairs and parades are popular. Dance competitions at pow wows are popular. Veterans are very important so they are often honored. Basketball games are popular. The Miss Navajo contest is important.

Many still practice traditional religion. There are important ceremonies for a girls first period called "kinaalda". It is said to bbe the most import and many others come from it. First laugh parties for babies are popular. House blessing/cleansing ceremonies are common. There are many others for kinds of imbalance that might happen in ones life. There are important ones for if one has been at war or away from the sacred mountains too long. Others for contact with taboo or dangerous situations. Balance is very important in most of these. A Hataathli or singer (medicine man) leads these long ceremonies in a very exact way. They usually take place in a hogan ( a traditional home)

Some Navajos are members of the Native American Church NAC. This is a newer pan indian religion. Ceremonies last from sunset to sunrise an typically take place in a tepee (which is not Navajo).

Many Navajos belong to other christian religions are practice all those holidays.