Boston Tea Party

What events led up to the Boston Tea Party?



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Being that the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, there were many events that led up to this event.

Massachusetts had been enduring the intolerable acts and suffering under the many taxes that were imposed by the parliament of King George III. These taxes and other very unjust laws were putting the citizens at great unrest, but they for the most part did not consider revolution at this time.

For the American colonists, Anglicization, the ideology that means acting more like English people, had taken affect and colonists didn't want to revolt, but to simply be included in the governing of the British Empire.

Another very important event that led up to the Boston Tea Party was the Boston Massacre. This act was widely publicized, making the British soldiers seem inhuman in their acts, even though they were being viciously attacked by Boston residents.

All in all, the general unrest of the Colonists stemmed from the Seven Years War (French and Indian War). This war shifted British policy toward what would eventually lead to the Revolution, even though the Colonists were becoming Anglicized at the same time.
An incident that led to the Boston Tea Party was the Sugar Tax that the British imposed.