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What events take place first in 'Antigone'?

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June 04, 2009 11:30PM

The first event to take place in the play 'Antigone' is the conversation between the two sisters, Antigone and Ismene, in proximity to the royal palace. Second is the special conference to which Theban King Creon calls the elders. At the conference, he indicates that proper burial procedures only are to be followed regarding the loyal Theban dead from the recent struggle with the Argive invaders and their Theban collaborators. Third is the meeting of the King and the guard, who reveals that proper burial procedures are evidenced on the corpse of Polyneices. Fourth is the guard's presentation of Antigone as the perpetrator of the act. Fifth is the meeting of King Creon with his nieces, Antigone and Ismene, about the unlawful burying of their brother Polyneices. Sixth is the conversation between the King and his son Haemon over the fate of the latter's first cousin and fiancee, Antigone. Seventh is the procession of Antigone to her final resting place in a remote cave whose entrance will be walled up. Eighth is the interpretation of the blind prophet Teiresias to the King about the causes of, solutions to, and consequences of the plague in Thebes. Ninth is the report, to Queen Eurydice, by the messenger of the suicides of Antigone and Haemon. Tenth is the presence of King Creon at the dead body of his son. Eleventh is the messenger's news, to the King, regarding the suicide of his wife, Queen Eurydice.