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Rosie the Riveter posters were created to bring women into the workforce beyond teaching and nursing. The need for women filling in at the factories building ships, planes, tanks, weapons for WWII was essential to the success the men had while they fought overseas. She fell into place in 1942 as the US took full participation in WWII.

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Rosie the Riveter is a fictional character created during WWII. It is a picture of a woman wearing a bandana and holding a wrench saying "We Can Do it!" Rosie is a popular icon representing the many jobs women filled during World War II. Important in feminist iconography. -Jordan bancroft During WWII, Life magazine did an article on women working at Lockheed in Burbank, CA building P-38s using a new riveting machine that would greatly speed up production. There were about 5 women who's photos appeared in the article. One of the women, Vera Lowe (Hovie) was young (19) thin, had dark brown wavy hair, high cheek bones and wore a bandanna. She was also one of many young ladies that left the Midwest farm culture to pursue employment in the California aerospace industry to support the war effort. These images were shot in B&W and then printed as a color illustration, rather like a cartoon. Her image closely resembles the fictional character listed above. Since she was actually a riveter, a real person depicted and named in a major national magazine, she is as much "Rosie" as any I have seen. I believe she was the inspiration for the fictional character used for the "We can do it" literature. (With no disrespect to Dorthia Lang's fine images of welders in a shipyard or other images of ladies greasing axles on trucks.) Shortly after the article, the riveting machine that was so important was removed from the production line and her inspector, Clarence Hovie, married her and she left Lockheed to pursue a life of raising her children. After her kids grew up, she returned to Lockheed for several years building wire harnesses for the L-1011 in the late 1970's. On returning to Lockheed, she was issued her original badge number, distinguishing her legacy at the company. Clarence Hovie worked at Lockheed for 39 years and had already retired before she returned there to work. She was happy to work there for a time and then also retired. Vera Hovie passed away August 12, 2007, in Van Nuys California, at the age of 83, just 10 miles from where those historic events took place. She is survived by her two sons and a daughter. -frank hovie and Rosie:)

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