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Piccola Pupa has answered fans on the You Tube selection "Little Miss Dynamite & Piccola Pupa":

"Hallo to everyone. I'm Piccola Pupa(my real name is Giuliana). I live in Rapallo (in Italy on the Italian riviera)and quit singing 36 years ago. It was very nice to read that some people still remember me. I made the decision to quit show business, 'cause I found out things work out different when you grow up and I didn't like the proposal they made at that time, so I decided to go back to Italy. I enjoed living in the states and I met a lot of nice people.

Destiny is funny, I might come back."

Hallo to everyone, I'm so glad to read your mail and get to know you. I too have a son Max who is 35, and has three children: Pierre 12 year old and 2 daughters:Aurora 3 and Rebecca 1, so I'm a grandmother, and a daughter Giada who is 15 and leaves with me and a dog Hope who is 6 years old. She was found in a garbage box when she was still a puppy and so we adopted her. Thanks for all the nice things you write about my performences.

Baci e abbracci a tutti (love&kisses to all)


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2020-06-05 21:51:25

It's too bad you gave up.

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Where is Piccola Pupa now

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