What evidence did the police find on the Lizzie Borden Murder?

Much of the evidence in the Borden case was circumstantial. The broken and possibly bloody hatchet found in the cellar could not be proven to actually be the murder weapon. The story was either rust or chicken blood. Science was not advanced enough at the time to distinguish human from animal blood. No bloody clothes were found. The Borden's friend Alice Russell observed Lizzie burning a dress in the kitchen's woodstove the day after the murders.

What it came down to was, Lizzie was about the only one that had the motive and the opportunity to kill Andrew and Abbey Borden. Bridget Sullivan, the Borden's maid, was sick that day and after washing windows retired to her attic room to lay down for a much needed nap. Lizzie's uncle John Morse, a house guest at the time of the murders was away attending to business with witnesses to verify his whereabouts. Emma Borden, Lizzie's older sister was out of town visiting friends. Once the victims are eliminated, for obvious reasons, the remaining person was Lizzie.