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The following website answers your question about the history of the number zero:

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Where and when does evidence show the button hole being invented?

it was invented in 1200 when it arrived in Europe by the crusaders

Where was Hinduism invented?

Hinduism wasn't invented. It evolved by starting out as people asking questions about nature. It came into being in ancient India (which was much larger than the India of today)

Who invented the first earring?

the most earlyest evidence of the earring being used was in persepolis in ancient persia.

About what time period where the first boats invented?

Circumstantial evidence (the settlement of Australia) points to boats being invented about 40,000 years ago. The oldest physical evidence of boats are logboats from 7,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Where did snooker originate?

It is thought it originated in India, being invented British Army officers who were based there.

How does modern India relate to Buddhism today?

India does recognize Buddhism as one of the religions in India and there are quite a few Buddhist in India and are growing in number and there are a number of Buddhist monasteries which are being setup, not to mention most of the holy sites of Buddhism are present in India

What year was the butter churn invented?

Evidence has been uncovered that links the butter churn to being an appliance as early as the 6th century, AD.

What number can we call if we are being abused?

If in USA dial 911 If in India dial 100

In what country did india ink originate?

There is some evidence to suggest that it originated in China, but most people are of the more widely held belief that it was being used in India before that. In any event, it came from Asia.

When the number zero was invented what new set of numbers came into being?

Does anyone know this?

What is Audrey bitoni's cell number?

That's complete idiocy being an Indian number. How can u expect Audrey to be in India?

Which country was the first robot made in?

Current evidence points to the Chinese, although more evidence being uncovered is making it a tight race between them and India, the Iraq region and Greece. A short history is in the link below.

Who invented kerala?

Kerala is a state in India with a whole diverse and exiting culture, with most everyone there speaking Malayalam. States cannot be "invented", please educate yourself, and stop being ignorant.

How India come into being how old it is?

how did did India come into being how old it is

Who invented the board game ludo?

The earliest evidence of this game in India is the depiction of boards on the caves of Ajanta. This game was played by the Mughal Emperors of India; a notable example being that of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, who played living Pachisi using girls from his harem. Variations of the game made it to England during the British Raj, with one appearing under the name Ludo around 1896, which was then patented .

What is stopping crimes from being solved?

lack of evidence lack of evidence

How an eclipse is evidence of the Earth being spherical in shape?

an eclipse is a evidence of the earth being in spherical shape is that it can figure it self...

When is evidence admissible in court?

Refers to all evidence not legally prohibitted from being introduced in court or being used at trial.

What evidence is there supporting the possibility of World of Warcraft xpac number 3 being announced at Blizzcon 2009?

not very likely, sorry

What protects people from being held in jail on weak evidence or no evidence at all?

== ==

Total Number Of nationalized Banks in India?

till recently there are 19 banks nationalizd in India. however IDBI has been added to this list. so the total being 20 of them

What date was the pipe organ invented?

Its is impossible to say as the organ was developed rather invented. Ctesibius or Ktesibios, an engineer in second century BC Alexandria, invented a hydraulic wind stabilizing mechanism for the pipe organ of that time. There is evidence that primitive pipe organs were being built at a considerably earlier date.

What is the difference between evidence and testimony?

Evidence is proof or disprove of the case that is being held and a testimony is when the witness is being asked questions by the lawyer.

Who created the greek numbers?

Being unhappy with the existing one, Archimedes is known to have invented his own Greek number system

Who invented the bulldog clip?

It is thought that ancestors of the Gill family in Knaphill invented the clip in 1944 after being attacked by a bulldog while tending their farm. Jordan Gill is credited with the inventionalthough no documentary evidence has been found. The copywright is now owned by Setten.

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