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When some people are under stress they may lose their appetite completely, or they may not eat proper meals and just pick here and there. It isn't enough to sustain their body and they lose weight. If a person is inclined to be thin, they could be eating but between their thyroid and adrenal glands working overtime from the stress they may lose weight even though they eat like a mac truck driver.

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Q: What exactly do people mean when they say that they lost weight from stress and did they not have an appetite to eat?
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Does stress make someone lose weight?

Yes, because stress can cause some people to lose their appetite. On the other hand, stress can cause other people to eat more and gain weight.

Can stress and anxiety cause weight loss even if you are still eating normally does stress increase your metabolism?

Weight Loss. Some people suffer a loss of appetite and loose weight. In rare cases, stress may trigger hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, stimulating appetite but causing the body to burn up calories at a faster than normal rate.

How does stress cause weight loss?

Stress can cause weight loss in a few ways. Some people who experience stress eat less and therefore lose weight. Stress can also cause health issues which can lead to weight loss.

Does Marijuana cause weight loss?

Marijuana does not directly affect weight loss or gain. It is known to stimulate the appetite of people who use it regularly. People who eat more because of this may gain weight. People who stop using marijuana and stop eating as much due to a reduced appetite may lose weight.

What is ditex?

it is an appetite suppresant and it does not make you lose weight. It helps with suppressing the appetite while you are on a weight loss plan.

How can stress makes you lose weight?

It doesn't. Stress usually makes people weigh MORE because stressed people will eat more to assure their stress.

How don I loose weight stress?

In my opinion, you will need with the beginning of any diet a natural product that fills the appetite and helps with weight loss, and at the same time it is cheap and very effective. This site will help you

How does stress affect health?

Stress can cause ulcers, hair loss, weakens the immune system, OCD, heart diease, heart attacks. Its also very dangerous if you are pregnant as stress can harm your baby. It may also hinder your appetite causing weight loss.

Does lysovit help the body to with appetite?

yes it contains lysin which is appetite stimulant so ultimately it will increase your appetite and weight

Does stress help you lose weight?

No; stress makes you gain weight.

Do people gain weight when they are stressed?

Well people can do, partly because people sometimes eat more when stress thus causing weight to be put on. As well as this with stress peoples digestive systems can work slightly differently to how they would normally which occasionally means weight is put on, however, this normally causes weight loss. So stress can cause weight gain, usually through more being ate than normal.

Will taking Methotrexate for arthritis cause any weight gain or loss?

It affects different people in different ways. Some people have had a good deal of weight gain with methotrexate, but others have lost weight due to a suppressed appetite.

Cognitive symptoms of chronic stress?

people may gain or lose weight

Which of these is not a cognitive symptoms of chronic stress?

People may gain or lose weight.

How do you prevent weight loss caused by stress?

Get rid of the stress. Handle it or disconnect. In today's world every people work and they face lots of stress so they cannot stop working. they have to, so to prevent weight loss

Do you lose weight when you use meth?

Usually people who use meth will lose weight due to the few symptoms. The lack of appetite and lack of sleep are key symptoms

Can stress lead to weight loss?

Stree usually leads to weight gain because people tend to eat when they are stressed out.

What are facts about opium poppy?

some people believe that taking it would make them loss weight since its losses your appetite

What is as big as horse but doesn't weight anything?

your appetite

Does Concerta cause weight loss?

No but it can decrease appetite

Will Ritalin cause weight loss?

it causes a loss of appetite and you proboly will lose weight

What is the medical term meaning loss of appetite and an obsessive fear of gaining weight?

Anorexia nervosa is the medical term meaning loss of appetite and obsessive fear of weight gain.

Does stress have a significant impact on weight loss?

Stress affect everyone differently, some people get depressed and stop eating, others eat when they get depressed and thus gain weight. Stress does have an impact on our serotonin levels and that is one of the brain chemicals that can trigger depression.

Does depression cause you to not want to eat?

Depression can have one of two effects on your appetite. Some people have no appetite at all, and lose weight when depressed. Other people eat more than normal, and gain weight. If you are feeling sad and worthless, and have noticed any sizable change in your weight and sleeping habits, you should let your doctor give you a good check-up to be sure there's nothing going on.

How do antidepressants cause weight gain?

How do antidepressants cause weight gain? Is it through alteration of appetite?