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It means bread that is dry and slightly stale, which is usually several days old. If you need stale bread (for stuffing, for example) and you don't have any, leaving it uncovered overnight is a good way to 'stale' it.

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Q: What exactly does day-old bread mean and does it mean that you leave it out for a day not wrapped up?
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What exactly does day old bread mean and does it mean that you leave it out for a day not wrapped up?

"Day old" is bread that is left to rise for one whole day before baking. This makes a loaf that will never go stale.

How long does it take to defrost a loaf of bread?

Remove bread from the freezer and leave at room temperature for up to six hours. Alternately, place bread in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours. Always leave the bread wrapped while it thaws.

How long does bread take to prove?

Is it OK to leave bread to prove overnight. or what is the longest time I can leave bread to prove. I want to have fresh bread for breakfast

Is it bad to leave bread in a bread box?


does it leave a spatula mark on the bottom of the bread?

No this item would not leave a spatula mark on the bottom of bread if it is used correctly.

Can you leave raw meat wrapped in tin foil on the counter?

Meat - no matter how it is wrapped or unwrapped - should not be left on the counter to thaw.

How do you make raisin bread?

first you have to leave the grapes in the sun to dry then bake the bread and you will get the raisin bread

How long does it take for sourdough bread to mold?

Sourdough bread's mild level of acidity will discourage the growth of most mold species. We leave my sourdough loaves out of the refrigerator and the loaves will get eaten up in a week but they never grow mold.The time required for sourdough or any bread to mold depends on that particular bread's level of acidity, the humidity and temperature of the room, and whether it is well wrapped or allowed to become dry.

What happens when you leave salt out of bread?

You get a very bland bread, but try making croutons with it!

Why did you leave the bread in the air for 3 minutes?

You leave it to make it rise, or make it double in size.

How long should unwrapped instruments be autoclave?

how long can you leave unwrapped or wrapped instruments in an autoclave

When can puppy leave its mother?

it depends what bread it is

Can you make toast in the sun?

Yes you can. You can leave a piece of bread in foil in the sun. You can all so leave a mirror a few feet away from the bread. The mirror has to have a reflection of the sun though.

Can you bake a sweet potato and leave it out overnight?

If you add nothing to it, (as in butter or margarine) then, yes, you can leave it 'out' overnight, but I'd leave it wrapped in the same lidded container or aluminum foil I baked it in.

How does bread expire?

if you leave it out, or if its sitting out too long.

How long do you leave bread to rise?

5 days

What song of bread did mariah carey sing?

if you leave

Can you leave bread to prove over night?


Is bread organic matter?

yes it is because when you leave it out uncovered it will rot.

How can you create mold on wheat bread and white bread?

Leave it in any warm moist place for a few days.

What happens to bread in the oven?

It burns if you leave it in the oven to long. Ummm try putting cheese on the bread and leave it in there for at least 5 minutes. Unless you are lachtose entolerent but none of my business anyway.

If you leave bread the open does the mass increase?

no because more and more air increases by the days you leave it out.

5.6 as a decimal?

Leave it exactly as it is!

Why can't fungi grow on toast bread?

it can grow on the bread just wet it and leave it in the sun for 2 or 4 days

What happens if you leave bread in the sun for 7 days?

it will dry