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A home insurance quote is an estimate that an insurance company gives a homeowner on how much it would cost annually to insure their home. Home insurance is a service that many companies such as Geico and Progressive provide to protect property.

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What does it mean insurance quotes?

An insurance quote is an estimate of what insurance coverage will cost. There is no-obligation when getting an insurance quote for the cost of different options that are available.

What exactly does a direct line home insurance mean?

Direct line home insurance is one of numerous evidences that today you can do practically everything without leaving your home due to Internet. Direct line home insurance is the fastest, the easiest and the most convenient way of purchasing an appropriate home insurance.

What does ee mean in an insurance policy?

If it is health insurance quote. It means Each Employee

What exactly does free auto insurance quote mean?

customer buy insurance policy to keep themselves safe against loss, policies could be acquired for harm to a car,to a home,for medical expenses,or for loss of life, Insurance provider provide insurance coverage quotes for you to potential customers to disclose the costs and terms of getting insurance coverage from their respective business, In many cases,the higher the chances of damage,the higher expenses of the insurance coverage

What does seguro de casa mean in spanish?

Home insurance. Insurance on your home.

What do Homeowner's Insurance mean?

Homeowners Insurance means insurance covering a home that the owner lives in.

Would it affect someone's home insurance if you register at their address?

If you register what exactly? If you mean would registering your vehicle with their address would it affect the homeowners premiums? NO

What does buy to let home insurance mean?

It is a home you are buying to rent out, and you are only wanting insurance to cover the property not items

What does hazard insurance mean in a mortgage?

It's referencing your House insurance. Homeowners insurance is also known as a Home Hazard Insurance Policy.

Do you have to have an examination done before you buy home insurance?

If by an examination you mean a formal home inspection, no you do not have to have an examination done before you buy home insurance, at least where I live (Texas). This may vary by insurance company or by state.

What does comprehensive mean?

Comprehensive in Car Insurance mean when you have an accident with another car, your insurance will cover the cost for you, your car and the third persons car. But when you quote comprehensive the premium will be higher (£120 approx. per month).

Who can I talk to in your company to get group insurance quotes?

I'm not a company, just a Turker. Assuming you mean health insurance, you can go to a site such as http://www.bcbs.com/ to get a group rate quote.

Does your home insurance cover elctrical problems?

This depends on what you mean by electrical problems. Home insurance is not made to handle maintenance of your home as this is your responsibility. Insurance is made to take care of sudden and accidental occurrences where the damage is due to a covered cause.

Can one person own the home and another purchase the homeowner's insurance?

If you mean can you pay for the other persons ( the owners ) insurance policy yes. If you mean can you insure it for yourself no.

What is a typical turnaround time for an insurance quote?

I assume you mean how long does it take for you to be able to get an auto insurance quote. I normally can do a quote while I have the person on the phone. This will also depend on how well you know your own needs or how many questions you have in regard to the product or limits of insurance. We are always happy to discuss and answer questions with a potential client but if you have a great deal of complicated questions it may be better if you make an appointment and come into the office to discuss your concerns in order to determine what insurance you want or need.

What exactly does a cheap medical insurance mean?

A cheap medical insurance simply allows the person to have a small blanket of security if a large medical emergency occurs while paying a minimum amount for the insurance each month.

Can I get car insurance quote from Safeco?

Yes, you can get a quote from Safeco using their tool online at their website. I was unable to locate any local agent offices in your area though. That does not mean you cannot get insurance from them, though. If you ever have an accident, it could be potentially a little more difficult with an agent in the area, but not impossible to get your situation resolved.

What are Types of dog insurance?

Learn and find all the information you need to know about dog types What exactly do you mean by types of dog insurance? Like insurance for dogs? Because there is this company called Trupanion that does dog and cat insurance. So if you are looking to get insurance for your pet, I would recommend checking their website out.

What does mean by marine insurance?

what does mean marine insurance

What does the phrase vergelijk autoverzekeringen mean in English?

The Dutch phrase 'vergelijk autoverzekeringen' translates into English as 'compare car insurance'. This phrase is usually used to refer to websites that offer to find the cheapest car insurance quote.

Are electrical faults covered in home insurance?

depends what you mean, insurance will pay for a fire from an faulty electrical system, the insurance company will not pay for the faulty product itself only the resulting damage.

Who is responsible for homeowners insurance of trust?

If you mean a home that is in a Trust such as a Family Trust, then the trust manager, executor or administrator of said trust would be the person responsible for obtaining insurance coverage for the home and any other property entrusted to their care.

What does imaginary quote mean?

i think it means that it is a quote that you imagine.

What does it mean when a guy says you mean a lot to him?

exactly that. you mean alot to him. exactly that. you mean alot to him.

Do you need insurance on a small boat?

If you have a loan, probably. No loan would mean no requirement. Common sense though would require it. Adding it to your home insurance or renters insurance would probably cost pennies.

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