What exactly does vande mataram mean?

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The term "vande mataram" translated literally means "Mother I bow to thee" or "hail motherland". It is quite significant in India, because it is the national song of India.
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The notes for Vande Mataram by Lata Mangeshkar are: vandemaataram vandemaataram s r mp m p m p nS n S sujalaam suphalaam S R n2 dp p d m gr malayaja sheetalaam r p m m grg n s shyaamalaam maaataram s r m p m p rn2 d p vandemaataram m p nS n S shubhra jyotsna pulakita yaaminim rm p n n ( Full Answer )

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What is Vande Mataram means?

Sanskrit me vande ka means "vandan karna" hota hai matlab salam karna,prarthana karna & mataram means apni bharat bhumi, apna india. So,vande mataram means bharat mata ko salam

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