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King Solomon (son of King David) himself was never cursed, although because of his worship of false gods, God caused the kingdom of Israel to split into two kingdom.

However, God cursed Solomon's descendant, King Jehoiachin, saying that none of his descendants would inherit the throne (Jeremiah 22:30). Israel and Judah were conquered and, in fact, none of Jehoiachin's descendants did inherit the throne.

This curse is significant because of the New Testament claim that Jesus is the rightful king descended from David. Two different geneologies for Jesus are given in the gospels, both giving a descent from King David. One genealogy (Matthew 1) records the ancestry of Jesus' legal father, Joseph, who is descended from the cursed king, Jehoiachin. Of course, because Joseph is not Jesus' biological father, the curse does not apply to Jesus. The other genealogy (Luke 3) also names Joseph, but interpreters argue that it gives the ancestry of Mary, Jesus' mother. Mary is descended from King David, but not descended from the cursed king Jehoiachin.

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Q: What exactly is Solomon's curse?
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